Transcript – Interview with ESIA President Vahid Fotuhi
11 Sep 2012

Solar Server: Can you give our readers a brief overview of the current state of PV market development in the MENA region?

Vahid Fotuhi: The sun is rising on MENA’s solar industry; and the weather forecast is looking good. In the meantime, there are some critical steps that need to be taken in order for the reality on the ground to catch up with the potential up above us.

Solar Server: Can you comment on the concurrent development of both policies and projects?

Vahid Fotuhi: In a sense, the projects have been taking the lead on the policies. In the UAE for example, they have already awarded a 100MW CSP project and will soon award another 100MW PV project. Saudi Arabia has also awarded a number of utility-scale solar projects in the past two years. All of this is being done with the existence of an over-arching solar policy.

But the gap between projects and policies is shrinking. In places like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere we see regulators taking firm steps in adopting policies that will set the framework and incentives to help grow the industry.

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