Middle East can become major exporter of renewable energy.
13 Sep 2012

While the world continues to look at renewable energy as an alternative option to power their economies, one solar energy expert is confident that the Middle East can be a major exporter of the infinite resource in the future.

Vahid Fotuhi, Chairman of the Emirates Solar Industry Association said that with an abundance of year-round sunlight, as well as pockets of geothermal activity, the potential for renewable energy in the Middle East is vast.

“We have all the ingredients we need to make renewable energy a success in the Middle East,” said Fotuhi. “Saudi Arabia’s Rub Al’Khali region (the Empty Quarters) receives enough sunlight to power two earths. We just need to find an efficient and commercially viable way of harnessing that energy. I’m confident that it’s not a question of ‘if’ but rather ‘when’”.