Saudi Arabia launches massive solar power procurement program
21 Feb 2013

K.A.CARE has announced the launch of its Renewable Energy Competitive Procurement Portal and released a White Paper outlining how this vast procurement process will unfold. A copy of the White Paper can be downloaded free of charge on

This announcement marks the launch of a registration process for interested companies to submit feedback and obtain important information in connection with the Renewable Energy Program. Crucially, it paves the way towards the launch of the introductory procurement round.

The introductory procurement round will consist of five to seven projects with a combined capacity of up to 800 megawatts. The introductory round is part of Saudi Arabia’s a colossal program to procure 41,000 gigawatts of solar power facilities by 2032.

“This is a very important milestone, both for Saudi Arabia and the Middle East solar market as a whole. ESIA will continue to work closely with KA-CARE to make sure this program becomes a resounding success and a benchmark for excellence.” said Vahid Fotuhi, President of ESIA.