Nasa-designed solar radiation reflectors in UAE
15 Jun 2013

The UAE’s Al Serkal Group announced today that it has brought In’Flector window insulation panels to the Middle East, North Africa and Asia for the first time.

Originally developed by Nasa to reflect solar radiation from the Space Shuttle, In’Flector panels can halve energy costs in homes and offices and will help to support the push for “Green Buildings” in the UAE and wider Middle East.

According to a media statement issued today by the Al Serkal Group, the region’s many glass-fronted buildings are prone to absorb solar heat and harmful UV rays, making it difficult to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. To overcome this, maintains the statement, buildings are excessively reliant on air-conditioning systems, which are expensive and energy-hungry, and floor-to-ceiling curtains and blinds, which block natural light.


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