UAE solar power capacity to reach 20GW by 2030
16 Jun 2013

The UAE could economically deploy 20GW of solar power generation capacity by 2030, if the under-reported ‘avoided and opportunity costs’ of new fossil power generation are fully considered — and transparent, stable, predictable and enforceable regulatory and policy frameworks are implemented, according to Dr. Steve Griffiths, Executive Director, Institute Initiatives, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and Board Member, Emirates Solar Industry Association (ESIA).

Dr. Griffiths was speaking during the 5th Middle East & North Africa Solar Conference & Expo (MENASOL 2013) held from 14-15 May in Dubai. A plenary panel of experts analysed the prospects of concentrated solar power (CSP), photovoltaics (PV), and concentrated photovoltaics (CPV) in the UAE and the broader Middle East and North Africa region. Nearly 300 delegates attended the event that was organised by CSP Today, part of FC Business Intelligence. ESIA was one of the sponsors.

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