What’s next for CSP in the UAE?
05 Jul 2013

Abu Dhabi made history when it launched the world’s largest CSP plant, Shams 1, in March 2013. With Dubai’s 1 GW solar park now underway, how open will the market be to international CSP players, and what could possibly hinder CSP development in the UAE?

By Heba Hashem

Ever since Dubai’s 1GW Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park was announced in January 2012, the CSP industry has been anticipating new opportunities while observing how the project would unfold in terms of the CSP portion.

“The government has not yet unveiled what the breakdown of the 1GW will be. They will likely want to keep their options open as solar technologies continue to evolve. If concentrated solar can prove itself commercially in the region then CSP companies stand a good chance of playing a sizable role in Dubai,” Vahid Fotuhi, president of the Emirates Solar Industry Association, said in an interview with CSP Today.

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