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About World Future Energy Summit

Wardenclyffe wants to provide and faciltate the funding necessary for the exploitation of renewable energy sources and the rationalization of energy consumption.  ​The strategic objectives of Wardenclyffe are to:

  • Support the government in reducing the financial burdens on consumers and the economy resulting from energy imports and subsidies to the energy sector.
  • Increase the private sector’s economic resilience and competitiveness through deploying EE/RE applications wherever practical and economical.
  • Support RE and EE projects and programs that open up new markets and are replicable and scalable.
  • Support development of a domestic industry that can deliver the projects and services necessary to scale-up utilization of RE and EE in Jordan.
  • Develop a network of partnerships for developing and implementing RE and EE projects of all sizes.
  • Engage with donor agencies and other funds to establish a continuing flow of funding for renewable energy and energy efficiency investments.