Code of Conduct

All the members of Emirates Solar Industry Association (MESIA) agree to strengthen efforts to counter bribery and corruption on the basis of a zero-tolerance policy towards bribery. This code of conduct (Code) refers to the PACI principles as laid down in the World Economic forum agreement ‘Partnering against Corruption – Principles for countering Bribery’. All members of the MESIA adhere to these principles.


This adherence is expressed by signing this document on behalf of the respective member company.

  1. Each member will respect the Code and abide to them whenever doing business. Each member will either implement anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices corresponding to these Principles or use them to benchmark and improve existing programs. Each member is however free to apply stricter principles for its own organization.
  2. If a member obtains knowledge about an actual or potential infringement of the Principles by another member (which shall include any of its employees), it will take appropriate steps such as communicating this knowledge to the other member to give it the opportunity to deal with such (alleged) infringement.
  3. The members will meet at least once a year and review the experience with the Principles and consider any changes which occurred in the meantime or which are desirable. The cooperation of the members and any possible exchange of information between the members in connection with this agreement is limited to the scope of this Code.
  4. In the event that a member asserts that a material breach has occurred it may request the expulsion of the member which breached the Code (the ‘Defaulting Party’). If the occurrence of a material breach is contested by the affected member, either member may at any time submit the dispute to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee then decides if a material breach has occurred and if the member will be expelled.
  5. The Expulsion of the Defaulting member shall continue unless the Defaulting member can prove that it has remedied the failures in its internal procedures and ensures that further transgressions will not occur.
  6. The right to expel the Defaulting Party shall be the sole and exclusive remedy for the other members regarding the material breach of the Code.
  7. All disputes in connection with this initiative, which cannot be settled between the members, shall be submitted to a Steering Committee. The ruling of the Steering Committee shall be final and binding upon the members.
  8. This initiative shall be governed by the substantive laws of UAE.

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