• Date: October 03, 2017
  • End Date: October 04, 2017
  • Location: Riyadh, KSA

Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s biggest oil producers, is seeking up to $50bn of investment in solar and wind energy. The Kingdom has recently announced a tender for 700MW of wind and solar energy.


Following the much-appreciated trade missions in Egypt, Jordan and Pakistan, MESIA will bring the key players (Investors, Local/development and international commercial banks, Developers, EPCs, Panel manufacturers and others) to meet all key government and related stake-holders locally.


During the 2 days conference, you will hear about the development of the National Renewable Energy Program (NREP) to implement 700MW of solar and wind projects. We will explain the different roles of the key bodies and stakeholders together with the leadership of the program as well as the timelines and milestones of the first round and others to follow. An important part will be dedicated to understanding the pricing and how cost efficiencies can be secured in the Kingdom. We will also be assessing some of the detail around developing projects in Saudi including some of the key legal, financial and technical aspects of the market.


Saudi Arabia is the next GW level Solar market!


Main topics addressed during the Trade Mission:


- Update on solar and wind market developments in KSA: How many projects are developed, where are they located and at what stage are they? Case studies. PV Update (AL JOUF, RAFHA and SAKAKA ), CSP Update (TAIBA ISCC) Regulatory framework for developing solar and wind projects in KSA
- Overview of the key government mechanisms for renewable energy promotion
- Wind and Solar Resource Assessment
- Corporate and tax structuring including licensing
- Grid Connection and Challenges
- Project Finance Panel
- Private PPA Opportunities
- Rooftop – is this viable and how?
- Who will reach the lowest tariffs in Saudi Arabia?


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It is a vertically integrated company, it has a production capacity for every manufacturing stage of the panels, allowing it to achieve better control over costs and production, always guaranteeing that the highest quality product is available on the market. With six factories, located in four countries worldwide (China, Malaysia, Portugal and South Africa), the company has an annual capacity of 6.7 GW in addition to a presence in 34 countries around the world.


Jinko Solar not only manufactures its PV panels applying the highest quality standards, but also has one of the most important R&D departments in the industry, which allows it to remain at the forefront as regards technological innovation. In addition, it has been quoted on the New York Stock Market since 2010, which gives every agent involved in a solar PV project a high degree of confidence. Currently, Jinko Solar benefits from a strong presence in Africa & Middle East and the highest market share.


As for our presence in Africa & Middle East, we have the operating headquarters in South Africa & UAE and we give support to two very important areas: On the one hand we have technical equipment for pre-sales and after-sales support and on the other hand we have logistics equipment that coordinates at all times the different deliveries of the project. We also have commercial representation Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.




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