Senior Renewable Energy Engineer

Shamsey design, manufacture and maintain bespoke solar energy solutions for our clients to help them make a new revenue stream and/or provide better facilities for their customers in off grid areas. Our core market area is in the UAE, while looking to develop and grow in the rest of the MENA region and the African continent. Examples of our clients include, [1] Construction companies looking for bespoke facilities powered by Photovoltaic for their workers in the absence of electrical supply. [2] Convention center looking to generate a new revenue stream in their car parks through retailing products and services. [3] Government bodies looking to provide better facilities for people in public places, like public parks, beaches, etc.


Personal Skills
• You have an entrepreneurship attitude and understand the challenges and rewards associated with joining a startup.

• You enjoy challenges and always find a way to solve problems.

• You are hungry to learn and always willing to research the new trends in the market to bring innovative solutions to Shamsey.

• You excel in providing a superb technical advice and service to our clients.

• You have excellent communication skills and always prepared to go the extra mile to explain technical details to your client.

• You are not afraid of experimenting and trying new things to come up with innovative solutions.


Technical skills
• You have a strong background in electrical engineering or related disciplines from a western reputable institution and might have earned an MBA since gaining your first degree.

• You have at least 5 years experience working in the local or the international photovoltaic market.

• You have a solid hands-on experience in installing photovoltaic for projects of various sizes.

• You have a strong practical knowledge of selecting and connecting inverters, charge controllers, data loggers to a photovoltaic implementation.


• Dimensioning and selection of photovoltaic components and systems
(modules, inverters, transformers, cables, lightning protection, monitoring and SCADA system)

• Preparation of single line diagram, function and system descriptions

• Carry out full range of mechanical/electrical/civil drawings required in photovoltaic projects.

• Good practical understanding of safety issues best practices during project installation.

• Directing, managing and supporting electricians and help them to follow best practices.

• Provide technical support to the sales team during the various stages of a project.

• Have a good sales experience to help sell our products and services to our clients, willing to travel when necessary and have a valid driving license.


Salary Expectations. We are a revenue generating startup. We deployed our first product to one of the region’s biggest convention centers to retail food and beverages. We are small but have the potential to grow very fast, very quickly with the minds and efforts of the unique innovative individuals who will join us. Successful candidates should expect an adequate salary, very generous bonus scheme complementing the salary and share options, hence your understanding of rewards and challenges associated with joining a startup. Salary and equity will be based on experience and level of seniority. Bonus will be based on your sales efforts and measurable contribution to make Shamsey a successful company. Very senior candidates may become potential co-founders of Shamsey!


Please send a CV with one page covering letter to mentioning why you would like to join our startup and the set of unique skills and experience you have that can make us a successful company. Please include salary expectations.