MESIA Solar Awards 2020

The Middle East Solar Awards is the industry’s premier awards ceremony. This annual event, now in its eighth edition, serves as a platform to recognize and celebrate exceptional talent and achievements in the MENA solar market. There are 11 awards categories and the application process is open to everyone.




Application Process (No application fees)

Please have all your project information ready before you start the process. In each case, your entry will consist of your answers to the following two questions:

  • What is your achievement? (150 words max.)
  • Provide a brief on project, design, localization of material if applicable….etc.  (150 words max.)
  • What is the impact of your achievement on the industry, segment or any key Solar initiative in the ME region. (150 words max.)

You are encouraged to select the best category which applies to your project/achievement. Multiple applications for the same project/achievement will be rendered void.


Selection Process
7 judges, drawn from across the industry, will evaluate each of the applications and select the winner for each of the 11 categories. The trophies will be handed out at a Gala Ceremony which will be held during the WFES.


Award Categories


Must be located in the MENA region



Must be located in the MENA region



Must be located in the MENA region



Must be headquartered in the MENA region



Must present one project located in MENA region



Must present one project located in MENA region



Must be based in the MENA region



Must be based in the MENA region





Must be captured in the MENA region


  • BEST TECHNOLOGY ON DISPLAY AT SOLAR EXPO / WFES (Not available for application)




The deadline for submissions is 10th December 2019 at 2pm GST.

Award Winners
Woman of the Year
Imen Gherboudj

Imen Gherboudj, Senior Research Scientist, Research Center for Renewable
Energy Mapping and Assessment, Masdar InstituteDr. Gherboudj is presently
leading a research work on assessing and modelling the impact of dust on
solar irradiance attenuation and soiling losses on PV panels.

Technology of the Year
NOMADD Desert Solar Solutions PTE

NOMADD, developed three years in Saudi desert conditions, is specifically designed to meet the biggest challenge facing the solar industry:  Dust on panels. They achieve better efficiency gains for an array in a dust storm, than the total of cell development in the last 20 years.  NOMADD are the ultimate innovation to increase efficiency of desert solar arrays, achieved by thinking outside the box. O&M is solar’s dirty little secret, and we are proud to take cleaning out of the risk equation.  They aim to facilitate the entire industry with this technology.

Commercial Advisor of the Year
IFC – International Finance Corporation

On 30 September 2014, the IFC signed financing packages worth $207.5 million to construct seven of the twelve first round solar PV power parks.  Each PV developer was too small to sustain the high transaction costs and long processing periods from many small clients. Therefore IFC aggregated all developers into a common platform where IFC’s clients benefit from a dedicated IFC team and reduced transaction costs. The packages support the Jordan’s small-scale solar PV projects, the largest in the Middle East that will boost power supplies in Jordan, where electricity demand is increasing at about 8% every year and also reduce Jordan’s reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Legal Advisor of the Year

Eversheds is advising on 8 out of the 10 solar projects in Jordan Round I.  This includes acting for Diamond Generating Europe on the 52MW Shams Ma’an project. They are currently advising Queen Alia International Airport on distributed energy/netmetering solutions. They have also advised on over 15 solar equity investments in the Middle East, helped government bodies such as DEWA, KACARE, SIDF, MEMR, applied international standards to ensure bankability and marketability and participated at board level on all the key associations ie MESIA, SASIA and EDAMA.

Regional Company of the Year

Established in Dubai in 2011, Access has grown to become one of the region’s leading commercial advisers and solar project developers in the Middle East and North Africa. Under the leadership of Reda El Chaar, Access has won high profile solar mandates across the region and has advised some of the world’s leading companies such as SunEdison, Abengoa, EDF EN, and First Solar. On the development side, Access has just been awarded a 10MW solar PV IPP project in Soroti, northern Uganda, by KfW and the Government of Uganda. Once completed in October 2015, this project will be the largest of its kind in East Africa. This strong growth, coupled with the development and roll-out of the Access Infra Africa development vehicle, has attracted significant international investments into Access. As a result, Access has grown its enterprise value to $100 million in less than 3 years of existence.

Utility Company of Year

Jordan is actively promoting the development of renewable energy. In this regard Jordan has adopted an ambitious target of 7% renewable energy in the primary energy mix by 2015 and 10% by 2020. NEPCO is responsible for the safe and economic operation of Jordan’s power system, constructing and maintaining its transmission network, purchasing electricity and selling it to distribution companies, procuring fuel for power plant, importing and exporting electricity with neighbouring countries, and contracting new generation capacity to meet the future demand.

Solar Initiative of the year
Lamyaa Abdel Hady Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity – Head

Eng. Lamyaa heads up Egypt’s Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy and specifically the Ministry’s  “Central Unit for FIT” (CU), which receives the RFQ submissions, evaluates them and selects the winners. Eng. Lamyaa has been a champion of solar and has led Egypt’s efforts to embrace a FIT regime for the country. Her impact is clear: a 2,300MW solar FIT program, the largest of its kind in the MENA region. This will help stimulate the growth of solar power not just in Egypt but across the Middle East.

Woman of the Year
Michelle T. Davies Eversheds International – Partner

Michelle as a board member of MESIA and the strategic board of SASIA has built up and trained a team of 10 solar lawyers in UAE, Riyadh and Jordan ensuring that the Middle East has centres of excellence and solar clients have local expertise; advised clients on best delivery for solar and helped to network them; run over 30 bespoke workshops for clients i.e the Jordan Banking Association, the Jordan Chamber of Commerce , IFC, ACWA; organised conferences in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and assisted developing areas such as Jordan net metering/wheeling and UAE roof top solar.

Policymaker of the Year
Dr Hafez El-Salmawy Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (ERA) Managing Director

Prof. Hafez El-Salmawy, is the Managing Director of the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (ERA). He worked as technical manager in the National Energy Conservation and Environment project (ECEP) and as a senior projects consultant for power generation companies including; ABB, ALSTOM Power and Waukesha (USA) engines, SDT Canada and Allied consultants. He is widely recognized as the “Godfather of Egypt’s solar FIT regime” that represents the largest of its kind in the MENA region: 2,300MW of solar PV and 2,000MW of wind project in the next 2 years alone that will create thousands of jobs in Egypt.


Media Personality of the Year
Robin Mills Manaar Energy – Head of Consulting

Robin Mills is the Head of Consulting at Manaar Energy and is an expert on Middle East energy strategy and economics. He is a columnist on energy and environmental issues at The National, and comments widely on energy issues in the media, including the Financial Times, Foreign Policy, Atlantic, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Sky News and others. He has written extensively on solar power in the Middle East, including co-writing MESIA’s “Solar rooftop Report”. He is also the author of two books “The Myth of the Oil Crisis” and “Capturing Carbon”.

Solar Conference of The Year

In March 2014, over 400 solar delegates gathered in Dubai to debate, discuss and solve the current issues facing solar developers and EPC companies looking to get projects developed in the Middle East and North Africa. For the past 6 years, the top CSP and PV companies in the world have been attending MENASOL to meet the contacts essential for getting CSP and PV plants developed in the region. MENASOL brings together separate technology maps, best practice in plant construction and operation and a focus on the markets with real potential.

Project of the Year Enerwhere

Enerwhere provides solar hybrid power solutions to commercial and industrial clients in the Middle East and Africa on a rental and PPA basis. Enerwhere has developed a new generation of solar power plant that is 15-20% less expensive than for conventional power. It is also modular, scalable and easily transportable. The system seamlessly integrates with diesel generators and batteries to provide reliable, power 24/7 and is available through short-term rentals and longer-term PPA contracts. Enerwhere’s landmark project was developed for Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) to provide reliable power for its 20,000-strong workforce at Saadiyat Accommodation Village (SAV). In June, Enerwhere integrated a 200 kWp solar solution and reduced diesel capacity to 4.4 MW, equivalent to a 20% solar share in the lower load winter months.

Lifetime Achievement Award
Jit chakravarty Engineering Manager, Alsa Solar Systems

Jit Chakravarty, the engineering manager of Alsa Solar Systems was beyond any doubt a solar pioneer in the UAE.A passionate solar engineer & solar pioneer. He was one of the most respected voices in the industry at a time were people for asking for an honest straightforward answer without side intentions. His approach, work ethic and his success culminated into several awards like “Solar Innovation of the year” in 2012 from Middle East Electricity for the implementation of Solar Pumping Systems in the UAE and “Specialist MEP company of the year” in 2013 by MEP magazine a true sign of recognition by his peers in the industry.

Utility Scale Solar Project
ACWA Power – UAE, Dubai

  • Senior Financing for Noor II and Noor III for CSP projects 
  • Total of 1,600 MUSD Financing provided by MASEN 
  • The loan is split in three tranches USD, EUR and MAD
  • Financing concluded within four months which is extremely fast 
  • Noor II and Noor III have been globally recognized as a benchmark for future CSP 
  • MASEN planning to announce two new solar plants of 500 MW each 
  • Noor II and Noor III will be the largest CSP solar complex in the world and will reduce the global cost curve by 3%
  • Local procurement of the project is expected to stimulate development of Morocco’s industrial base, create jobs and bring socio-economic benefits.

Small scale project
MiccGreen Tec Solar Systems LLC – UAE, Dubai

• KHK Scaffolding Industries wanted to change their diesel generator run labour camp to solar to avoid noise and pollution.
• MiccGreen Tec provided a solution which consisted of installing 56 kWp of PV solar panels, a 50 kW MICC and 228.6 kWh of battery storage
• This project is also awarded as the Solar project of the year 2015 by Middle East Electricity and was covered in Major news papers
• This is the first time in the world that a labour camp operates independently in off-grid mode completely on solar

Roof Top Solar Projects
MASE Energy – Jordan, Amman

  • The project consists of rooftop PV installs on 400 low-income households with a total capacity of 600 kWp and individual capacities ranging from 1kWp to 2 kWp installations
  • The project, which is co-funded by Mercy Corps and the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources’ Fund for Renewable Energy & energy Efficiency (JREEEF), is being implemented in its totality by MASE, a full-service power systems provider.
  • The project will result directly in capacity building, lowering or eliminate the electricity cost on up to 400 families (up to 1000 individuals)

Policy Maker
DEWA – UAE, Dubai

  • Significantly increased targets for solar in Dubai mix, from 1% to 7% by 2020 and from 5% to 15% by 2030. DEWA also signaled its strong commitment to these targets and moved towards their implementation plan securing extension of the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park, which has now a planned capacity of 3,000MW by 2030.
  • Launched in March 2015 the Shams Dubai initiative allowing customers to install PV panels at their premises and connect to DEWA’s grid under a net metering scheme. First such scheme in GCC, supports a number of policy objectives:
  • a. H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Dubai Smart City vision;
  • b. Green Economy for Sustainable Development initiative;
  • c. UAE agenda 2021 objectives to increases share of clean energy and improve air quality;
  • d. DSCE ( Dubai Supreme Council of Energy) 2030 energy diversification strategy;
  • e. DSCE carbon abatement strategy.
  • The increased solar targets provide the industry certainty of a significant project pipeline in Dubai to 2030

Utility Company
DEWA – UAE, Dubai

  • 2015 has been a defining year in DEWA’s accomplishments related to solar
  • Increasing the target for renewable energy in the mix, from 1% to 7% by 2020 and from 5% to 15% by 2030, also extending the planned capacity at Solar Park to 3,000MW by 2030.
  • Launching the Shams Dubai initiative, allowing customers to install solar PV at their premises connecting to DEWA’s grid under a net metering scheme.
  • DEWA achievements are a game changer for the solar industry in the Middle East
  • The continuous large scale IPP procurement and increased targets will ensure a significant pipeline of utility scale developments.
  • The extremely competitive terms achieved in the PPA set a precedent that triggered increased interest towards solar by other regional utilities and Governments
  • Shams Dubai fostered the development of rooftop solar in Dubai (~30 contractors enrolled, ~50 manufactured registered, a number of developers looking at the opportunity), and provides a blueprint for others to replicate in the region

Manufacturing Project
DUSOL Industries – UAE, Dubai

  • First and only PV modules manufacturing company that specializes in manufacturing PV modules in DUBAI
  • Products are specifically designed for use in small off grid application with COMPLETE AUTOMATION
  • Modules of sizes as low as 40W are made on machines that avoids human errors and assures highest quality and workmanship
  • DUSOL, as made conscious effort to bridge the gap in quality between panels used in power plants and off grid small home systems

Solar Product Innovation
Pak Agro Tech – Pakistan, Islamabad

  • Have innovated PC pump for shallow depth
  • Targeting farmers who are cultivating crops on water table less than 50 Feet depth in Punjab and KPK provinces in Pakistan
  • Successful done test trails for Grid- Tie Systems for its execution in Pakistan
  • have installed approx 300 Solar water pumps in the industry & installed Household Solar System including 1KVA to 50 KVA of different specification in the market

Solar System Innovation
GlassPoint Solar – USA, Fermont

  • GlassPoint’s innovation is unlocking new market opportunities for concentrated solar power (CSP) in heavy industrial markets, such as oil and gas
  • The Middle East experiences high winds and soiling rates that can range from 10 to 30 times greater than in California and Europe
  • To overcome this challenge, GlassPoint brought together a proven parabolic trough, a commercial greenhouse structure and standard oilfield components used in commercial EOR operations today
  • The greenhouse structure reduces costs and improves performance
  • The glasshouse protects the solar array from harsh desert conditions so lightweight and inexpensive components can be used inside

Commercial Consultant Advisor
KPMG Lower Gulf – UAE, Dubai

  • Dubai Electricity & Water Authority (DEWA) has identified solar as an important part of its portfolio of energy generation.
  • DEWA appointed KPMG lead advisory team
  • The advisers were given a tight timeline of 12 months to help select the IPP developed and achieve financial closure
  • Being the first IPP in Dubai, the 200MW DEWA Solar IPP Phase II project is the largest utility-scale solar plant in the world competitively tendered in a single phase, and the first and largest in the Middle East
  • This project led to an announcement of several solar projects in the region and the DEWA project has become a globally recognized case study. DEWA too has launched an even more ambitious project for setting up of an 800 MW PV IPP project.

Solar Energy Picture
Enerwhere – UAE, Dubai

  • The picture was taken on the construction site of The Heart of Europe (THOE), one of the islands on the World islands in Dubai.
  • Like most islands in the Middle East, power was initially supplied by diesel generators, at very high fuel, transportation and labor costs. The project was contracted and deployed within less than 3 months.
  • Enerwhere offered The Heart of Europe a temporary power supply for its construction site on a monthly rental basis, and implemented a 25 kWp solar-battery hybrid system on Germany Island

Roof-Top solar Project of the Year
Relyon Solar

Project in Al Jurf Area of Ajman: 200Kw rooftop installation with a 600 KVAH storage.
It is the first and the largest such installation in UAE commissioned in 2016 which can virtually run the complete manufacturing plant on either solar power and / or battery power.

Solar System innovation of the Year
Array Technologies

DuraTrack HZ v3 Load Mitigation Technology.
By utilizing this load mitigation feature, it presents a self-sufficient power plant technology. It is designed to operate mechanically and doesn’t require power cables, trenches, monitoring or human interaction to facilitate its function.

Solar Entrepreneur of the Year
CEO of Enerwhere: Daniel Zywietz

Daniel created Enerwhere, a Dubai-based solar company providing innovative solar hybrid solutions for the construction, oil and gas, mining, logistics and manufacturing sectors across the Middle East & Africa. Enerwhere provides solar-hybrid power on contracts as short as 6 months and with zero capital investment from the customer.

Most innovative Technology on Display at Solar Expo 2017
DAS Energy GmbH

DAS Energy GmbH, an Austrian company, develops and produces non-glass photovoltaic modules. Due to module production based on woven fiberglass and silicon solar cells the modules are light, thin and flexible. This combination cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The unique properties of the DAS Energy modules can be both applied in the field of BIPV in modern architecture, as well as for mobile applications, such as in caravans, boats, golf carts and similar.

Financial Advisor of the Year
Synergy Consulting IFA

Synergy has been one of the leading financial advisor in solar sector with 19 ongoing / completed deals in 2016 in MENA region. Among which the two most prestigious transactions of the year:
Infinity 50 in Egypt (the first Solar PV deal in Egypt to be financed on non-recourse basis)

Project of the Year
Sterling & Wilson

170 MW in Morocco under Noor PV 1 Program (70 MW NOOR Ouarzazate IV, 80 MW NOOR Laayoune & 20 MW NOOR Boujdour).
The evaluation criterions based on which Sterling & Wilson was adjudged winner included, degree of technological innovation, pioneering characteristic, uniqueness, economic, environment and society benefits and proof of innovation, among other factors.

Regional Company of the Year
ACWA Power

In 2016:

  • Noor-1 and Bokpoort (RSA) CSP projects became commercially operational
  • Noor-2 and Noor-3 CSP projects, and Shuaa PV are under-construction
  • Mafraq PV (Jordan) achieved dry financial close
  • Noor PV1 was awarded

Solar Energy Picture of the Year
Steam generation plant at RAM Pharma (Jordan) / Industrial Solar GmbH

Picture presented by Martin Haagen, business Development MENA for Industrial Solar


Bikesh Ogra
Solar Entrepreneur of the year

President & CEO, Renewable Energy Business, Sterling & Wilson

Jordan Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Fund
Solar Roof-Top Project of the year

Provide 100 schools with: Space Heating, replacing lighting system Retrofit, Solar Water Heaters ,Enhancing Buildings Energy Envelope and Solar PV rooftop systems. CO2 Reduction 1,310 Ton/Year

Large Scale Solar Project of the Year

Large Scale Solar Project of the Year was awarded to Marubeni Corporation with special mention to JinkoSolar who provided the solar panels for the project. The 1,177MW Sweihan Photovoltaic IPP Project is a 60 % owned by Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity Authority and 40% owned by the consortium of Marubeni Corporation and Jinko Solar and is the world’s largest single location Solar PV power plant. The project will also become one of the most cost-effective energy projects in the world, with Japanese Marubeni led consortium offering to provide electricity at the world’s lowest bid at a weighted cost of US 2.42 cents per kWh in September 2016. The consortium achieved Financial Close with mini perm financing in quick 4 months, in May 2017.

SMA Middle East Limited
Storage Project of the Year

The project is a PV-Diesel Hybrid project located in Bolivia. A 5 MWp PV plant + 2.2 MW Li-ion battery storage is connected to a 12 MW Genset plant consisting of 10 individual Gensets serving a local community with Residential, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Synergy Consulting Infrastructure and Financial Advisory Services Inc.
Advisor of the Year

Synergy is the leading financial advisor in solar sector with 19 transactions in 2017. Two landmark transactions:

- DEWA Phase III

- Egypt FiT programme, Round 2

Most Innovative Technology on Display at Solar Expo

Huawei with 27 years’ experience in the telecommunication world has delivered 22GW in 2016, of solar PV inverters of utility-scale plant, or rooftop project, combing PV technology with digital information and internet connections.

Hybrid Project of the year

Enerwhere has installed and is operating one of the largest off-grid solar-hybrid systems in the Middle East at Zaya Nurai’s five star island resort in Abu Dhabi. The solar plant produces 2,400 MWh/year, saving the resort approximately 1,800,000 AED/year and 5,656 tons of CO2

SMA Middle East Limited
Solar Innovation of the Year

The Sunny Tripower CORE1 which is a 50 KW inverter is the world’s first standing PV inverter optimized for usage with commercial rooftops.

Al-Babtain Power & Telecommunication Co
Solar Value Chain Champion of the Year

Al-Babtain is a key player in the renewable energy sector, Particularly CSP support steel structure components, collaborating with the Leading EPCs/Developers . Al-Babtain, position themselves as crucial part of the MENA Concentrated Solar power (CSP).

Corporate Solar Sustainability Program of the Year

K-Electric (KE) as the electric utility for the city of Karachi  has actively promoted the use of the solar technology to its consumers availing Energy Audit Services and on different consumer galas and business expositions. K-Electric also installed several solar system on its own building

Ghadir Shaar
Solar Energy Picture of the Year

Mohammed Ben Rashid Solar Park 1 during sun-set

Hadi Tahboub
Lifetime Achievement Award 

Previous President of MESIA.

Dr. Aaesha Alunaimi



• Dr. Aaesha Alnuaimi, Sr. Researcher, R&D, DEWA

• Asal Ibrahim, Senior Consultant, DNVGL

• Gurmeet Kaur, Partner, Pinsent Masons



Dr.Aaesha Alunaimi

Sr. Researcher


Currently leading the research on PV performance and reliability and finding ways to mitigates failure and degradation of PV modules in desert climatic condition.

Alexandre Allegue



• ALEXANDRE ALLEGUE fonder of Pawame
• HamzehBuqaei, COO, Riyadh Renewable Energy Co.
• ShyamYadav, Managing Director, Clenergize

Alexandre Allegue

Founder of PAWAME

Alexandre founded and drove the growth of Pawame, a Solar Pay-as-you-Go company, born and domiciled in the UAE. Pawamecurrently operates in Kenya, where in just two years they have changed the lives of more than 30,000 people and created over 300 jobs. 





Enerray SpA, 116MWp in Benban Solar Park, Egypt

IFC, BaynounaSolar Project in Jordan

Nextracker, involvement in SakakaSolar Project, KSA



NEXTracker was chosen to supply its solar tracker to 300 MWAC/405 MWDC Sakaka solar project in Al Jouf, Saudi Arabia. Nextrackeroffers a combination of bankability, local content manufacturing capability, and optimized tracker design for rapid installation.




Alec Energy, Nestle ME, 8MWp Solar PV Project, Dubai, UAE

Enerwhere, Mai Dubai, Water Bottling Plant, Phase 1, 8MWp, Dubai, UAE

Yellow Door, WadiAl AashPark, 3.96Mw, Jordan



Enerwherehas recently completed Phase 1 of the largest solar rooftop installation on the Mai Dubai Water Bottling Plant in Dubai. This initial phase has a capacity of over 10 MWp. Upon completion in early 2019, the 18 MWpplant will be the largest solar rooftop project in the MENA region.




Enviromena, Al BarakahDates Factory, 1MW, UAE

Massader, Rooftop Program for 500 Schools, Palestine

Smart Automation Energy L.L.C, 4.83 MWprooftop project on 44 building in Dubai, UAE



Massaderwas selected by the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education to develop a national program to deploy solar PV systems on the rooftops of public schools and universities in Palestine. The Schools Rooftop Program will cover 500 public schools across Palestine, with a total generation capacity of 35 MW.



ACWA Power
Siraj power



In 2018, ACWA Power has developed and financed renewable energy projects and water desalination projects of capacities 2.75GW and 75MIGD, and raised 3,700 MUSD financing. Of this 1.25GW of power capacity and 2,775MUSD of debt is for development of two solar power projects in the GCC region: 300MW SakakaPV project in Saudi Arabia and 950MW DEWA IV solar hybrid project in Dubai

Apricum - The Cleantech Advisory



Apricum - The Cleantech Advisory


Synergy Consulting


Apricum - The Cleantech Advisory

Apricum– The CleantechAdvisory successfully facilitated a strategic investment into Greencells, one of the largest European solution providers of solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants, by OMAS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Zahid Group, a diversified Saudi Arabian conglomerate. The Zahid subsidiary OMAS invested an undisclosed amount into Greencells, gaining a 50% stake in Greencells. The investment from Zahid Group substantially strengthens Greencells’ balance sheet and enables Greencellsto embark on new strategic opportunities.

Pinsent Masons



Norton Rose Fulbright

Pinsent Masons

Sharkawy & Sarhan


Pinsent Masons

Pinsent Masons is currently advising the successful EPC Contractor in the 950MW Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Photovoltaic (PV) project procured by DEWA. This is first CSP project in the region using a combination of technologies and is extremely significant for Dubai.





Desolenatorfor photovoltaic-thermal (PV-T) technology for desalination

JA Solar for the Bifacial PERC technology

SMA Middle East Limited for EV Battery inverter for Large scale storage systems



The team developed a photovoltaic-thermal (PV-T) technology using a standard solar PV panel for thermal desalination applications. This new technology is applied to enhance drinking water production from sea water. Unlike conventional solar desalination systems, the proposed method can run continuously 24/7 and off-the-grid as excess energy produced during the day is stored in hot water tanks (thermal) and batteries (electrical).

Ghadir Shaar


Clenergy, Solar Aster (Solar lighting system in the street) in Sheikh Abdulah Al Salem Cultural Center, Kuweit
Enviromena, Dubai World Trade Center 1MW rooftop, UAE
Gahdir Shaar, 1MW Power plant in the desert, UAE
Shaar, 1MW Power plant in the desert, UAE


By Ghadir Shaar

Founder of


This is an Aerial image of 1MW of a ground mount solar project in Dubai's desert at the Emirates poultry. Picture has been taken with a drawn at sunset.

Power-Bloxby Stäubli



No Short listed.


Power-Bloxby Stäubli

Power Blox200 is a new innovative energy system that can instantly deliver 230 V AC from 200W up to the kilowatt range of alternative current. It can be powered by a solar unit or any external source such as wind, hydro-thermal, biomass, fuel cell or generator).

Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, Ph.D.
President, University of Dubai, Former CEO, ICT Fund
Recipient of Emirates for Sciences, Arts & Literature in 2009

Dr. Eesa Bastaki is President of the University of Dubai and former CEO of the ICT Fund where he actively led the effort to create an eco-system in the UAE ICT industry, by encouraging entrepreneurship, funding R&D projects and University scholarships and implementing ICT initiatives at the school level.   During his distinguished career he held many senior posts including Director ...
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Grant Greatrex
Senior Partner
MaC Group

Grant Greatrex is the Senior Partner of MaC Group heading up the company’s renewable energy advisory division working with clients across the full value chain and with technology, industrial and IPP players, as well as with institutional investors.   Grant has over 25 years of experience in management consultancy with leading global firms. Over the past decade he has specialized in th...
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Imtiaz Mahtab
Executive Vice President
Air Liquide Middle East and North Africa Electronics
UAE / Saudi Arabia

Imtiaz Mahtab is Executive Vice President of Air Liquide Middle East and North Africa Electronics, and executive member of its MENA management team. Imtiaz has over 17 years of senior leadership roles internationally in developing, managing as well as restructuring  businesses – in mainly Energy and High Technology  sectors.  He is also on the advisory board of various Renewable Energy and H...
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Logan Goldie-Scot
Analyst, Energy Smart Technologies, London office
Bloomberg New Energy Finance

Logan is an analyst on the Energy Smart Technologies team at Bloomberg New Energy Finance, focused on energy storage. He is also the Lead Analyst for the Middle East and North Africa, responsible for market analysis of the region including policy and regulation; economic and technology assessments; market sizing and market drivers. He was predominantly focused on the wind and solar sectors. &nb...
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Nimer Abu Ali
Executive Manager Cleantech
Ernst & Young

Nimer is the Leader of the Clean Technology sector for Ernst & Young in the Middle East and his portfolio includes Solar, Wind, Electrical Vehicles (E V), and green building.  He is an industrial Engineer combined with MBA finance.   Nimer has managed and completed more than 100 projects for many diverse clients in the government and private sectors in various fields such as tr...
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Yara Anabtawi
Director – Business Development, Renewables
ACWA Power International (ACWA Power)
Saudi Arabia

Yara Anabtawi is Director - Business Development, Renewables at ACWA Power International (ACWA Power), a  leading developer, investor, co-owner and operator of plants with a generation portfolio of 15,731MW of power and 2.37million m3/day of desalinated water with an investment value in excess of USD 23 billion. With over 18 years of experience, Yara has been in various leadership roles coveri...
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Zia Malik Rahim
Strategic Advisor to the Economic Development
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Saudi Arabia

Zia Malik Rahim is a Strategic Advisor to the Economic Development at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology. He specialises in the solar sector from the vantage point of technology and commercialisation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.   He has worked as the President and CEO of Zoom Diversified Inc from 2007 to 2008, and has served as the President and CEO of Princely S...
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Karim Asali
Director Reference Projects
Desertech Industrial Initiative GmbH (Dii)
Germany / Jordan

Karim Asali began his career in the renewable energy sector in 1987 focusing on CSP plants in the United States. He later joined ABB where he spent ten years in oil and gas and power plants design. Since 2000, Karim shifted his focus to develop PV business at companies such as Kyocera, Sharp and First Solar.   His primary focus is the MENA region and Karim joined Dii as Director of Refe...
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Assistant Undersecretary for Electricity and Future Energy
UAE Ministry of Energy

Fatima Al-Foora Al Shamsi is the Assistant Undersecretary for Electricity and Future Energy in the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Energy and Industry.  A passionate, futuristic and strategic thinker leader with a long track record of successfully senior management role with a rich background ranging from electrical engineering, renewables, Water, Business Development and project management....
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Head of Policy Unit and Deputy Director – Knowledge, Policy and Finance
International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Dr. Rabia Ferroukhi joined IRENA in 2011 where she is currently the Deputy Director of the Knowledge, Policy and Finance division. She also leads IRENA’s Policy Unit, which is responsible for the work on a range of renewable energy policy issues including design, socio-economic benefits and integrated resource management. Dr. Ferroukhi brought to this position over 20 years of experience in the ...
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Alice Cowman
CEBC (Clean Energy Business Council)

Alice Cowman is the CEO for the Clean Energy Business Council.  She has over 10 years experience as a lawyer in energy, public private partnerships and project finance. She has worked for International Finance Corporation on energy and private sector development in West Africa. Currently, she also works for the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility on renewable energy and project development o...
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Frank Wouters
Wouters LTD
Former Deputy Director General

Frank Wouters possesses over 24 years of international experience in the field of renewable energy. He has held several senior management positions in leading organizations and institutions in the fields of renewable energy and sustainability. From 2009 to 2012 he served as the Director of Masdar Clean Energy, a developer and operator of renewable power generation projects, where he was responsibl...
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Daniel Zweitz
CEO – Founder

As the CEO of Enerwhere, Daniel Zywietz, is building the world’s first rental provider of modular solar-hybrid power plants for off-grid power needs.   Daniel has a decade of experience in management consulting, banking and entrepreneurship in Europe and the Middle East, with a focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainability topics.   Prior to founding Enerw...
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Belen Gallego
CSP Today 
London - UK

Belen Gallego is the founder and CEO of CSP Today and PV Insider, two business intelligence and events brands that focus on fostering communication, partnership and information flow for stakeholders of  the concentrated solar power and photovoltaics industries respectively. Belen works with companies, institutions and government of the key global solar markets including US and Europe, India, ...
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Reza Sheybani
BPVA (British Photovoltaic Association)
London – UK

Reza Shaybani has been managing private and public technology focused companies in the optical disc manufacturing equipment, semiconductor and solar PV industries for the past 20 years. Since 2007 he has played an active role in the solar PV industry globally as founder and investor in a number of leading companies. In 2010 with a group of major companies with interest in the UK solar PV market (t...
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Jason O'Connell

Jason Connell joined Utilities Middle East as editor in May 2014. Since taking the reins he has closely monitored the latest developments in the solar sector and produced a number of in depth features exploring the issues surrounding the industry in this region. Originally from Ireland, his career as a journalist has seen him cover the shipping and natural gas industries in London before making th...
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Mohammed Atif
Regional Manager
Middle East - DNV GL

Mohammed Atif is the Regional Manager of DNV GL Energy and Renewables in the Middle East. He is an economist with a background in energy and utilities advising on infrastructure development and legal and regulatory frameworks. He has experience in economic and financial analysis, regulation and restructuring, and market design to encourage private sector participation. Recently in the UAE, Moha...
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Michelle Davies
Membership Director

Michelle has advised on some of the market’s largest renewable energy transactions such as advising on over 50% of the UK Round 3 offshore wind programme on projects with a capital cost in excess of £40 bn including advising the Forewind Consortium on what will be the largest renewable energy project globally, RWE, and Eneco, advising on Statkraft's investment in the £1.5 billion Sheringham Sh...
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Nikolai Dobrott
Founder and managing partner
Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory

Before establishing Apricum in 2008, Mr. Dobrott spent 15 years in leadership positions in the consulting and energy sectors. He worked intensively in top organizations to design and implement business strategies. He started his career at Arthur D. Little as a management consultant focused on chemicals and energy. He then led corporate development and M&A at Rütgers (now Evonik) and later...
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Evangelos Lianos
Executive Director

Mr. Evangelos S. Lianos, is the Executive Director for the Middle East for YINGLI SOLAR, worlds largest Photovoltaic Panels Manufacturer. He is leading YINGLI’s energy solutions business in the region for PV panels sales, partnering in solar energy farms development and IPP / BOO / BOT operations, EPC and O&M services, partnering with existing or planning-to-become local PV manufacturers. ...
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Ahmed Lootah
Senior Project Manager in the Infrastructure and Environment Policy and Strategy section
Prime Minister's Office

Ahmed Lootah is a Senior Project Manager in the Infrastructure and Environment Policy and Strategy section at the Prime Minister's Office. In this position Ahmed focuses on reviewing and supporting the development of federal energy and environmental policy and strategy as well as assisting in the implementation of special initiatives of His Highness the Prime Minister in the energy and environment...
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Imad Meselmani
Regional Marketing & Sales Manager

Imad Meselmani started his career in solar back in 2010 when he joined Power-One Inc. as Marketing & Sales Manager for the Middle East. Power-One is one of the largest solar inverter manufacturers world-wide (second largest). Throughout his experience, he had the opportunity to deal with various stakeholders in the solar space. From publicly owned utilities to privately owned developers, from ...
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Imtiaz Mahtab
Vice-president and Programs Director

Imtiaz Mahtab is currently Regional Managing Director of Electronics at Air Liquide Middle East & North Africa, and an executive member of its MENA management team. Imtiaz has over 18 years of executive leadership roles internationally in the management of businesses in industrial gas, Energy and High Technology sectors. He is currently on the advisory board of various Renewable Energy and Hig...
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Head Sector For Private Power Projects 
Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC)

Eng. Lamya Abdel Hady heads the Private Projects Sector at the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC) of the Ministry of Electricity and RenewableEnergy, and leads the Solar FiT Program for the Ministry. Her distinguished career spans 15 years with the Egyp...
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Abdulmohsin Mohammad Al Shoaibi
Managing Partner
Saudi Arabia

Abdulmohsin Mohammad Al Shoaibi served as the Executive Manager of Solar Arabia Co. Limited (formerly known as BP Solar Arabia Co. Ltd), which specializes in every aspect of Photovoltaic (PV) solar modules, including assembly and development, design, engineering, system sizing, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of fully-integrated solar power systems. With more than 25 years of indu...
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Paul van Son
Country Chairman MENA & Turkey
Germany / UAE

Paul van Son joined RWE AG in 2015 as its Chairman for MENA and Turkey from its basis in Dubai, UAE. Paul has been active for over 35 years in various supervisory board, executive and operations management positions in the international (renewable) electricity and gas business. His leadership experience includes a series of predominantly pioneering positions, such as: control system developme...
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Venu Nambiar
Executive Vice President
Sunpower Corporation

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Ahmed S. Nada
Vice President & Region Executive, Middle East
First Solar

As Vice President and Region Executive for the Middle East, Ahmed Nada is responsible for driving First Solar’s growth strategy in the region. Ahmed joined First Solar in January 2013, bringing over two decades of experience in the energy and power industries to his new role. Based in Dubai, he leads business development activities across the region, outside of Saudi Arabia.   Ahmed ...
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Ibrahim M. Al-Humaidan
President & CEO
Chemical Development Co.
Saudi Arabia

Held various executive roles for more than 25 years: Chemical Development Company, President and CEO, (June 2006 – Present) Polysilicon Development Company, President and CEO, (Jan 2008 – Present) Olayan Group (OFC), Business Development Manager, (Feb 2000 – June 2006) Zamil Group, Project Manager, (July 1997 – Jan 2000) Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF), Senior Analyst,...
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Dr. Steven Griffiths
Vice President for Research, Professor of Practice
Masdar Institute

Dr. Steven Griffiths is Vice President for Research and Professor of Practice at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. At Masdar Institute Dr. Griffiths has overall responsibility for research, including large-scale, collaborative research programs and centers, research development, sponsored programs, technology transfer, and research laboratories. Outside of Masdar Institute, Dr. Griff...
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Eng. Lamya Youssef Abdel Hakim
Head Sector For Private Power Projects
& Head of Feed In Tariff Program
Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company (EETC)

Chairwoman of WICE (Women in Clean Energy) the Initiative from CEBC (Clean Energy Business Council) Winner of the Best Initiative of the year 2014 &Winner of Solar Award from Middle East Solar Industry Agency (MESIA) Winner of the Africa Regulator of the year (2016) from Africa Leadership Magazine. Graduated in Ain Shams University - Faculty of Engineering - Power Systems Dep. M...
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IPP & Renewable Energy Sector Executive Director
Saudi Electricity Company

Hamed A. Al-Saggaf is the Executive Director of IPP & Renewable Energy at Saudi Electricity Company. He earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering in 1989, an MBA in 1994 and Master of Construction Engineering and Management in 1999. He has published two books and several technical and management papers which some were at refereed Journals. Mr. Al-saggaf has over than 29 years' experience in th...
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Chief Executive Officer

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi leads the strategic development of Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), today a leading global commercial enterprise in renewable energy and clean technologies. A company veteran, he has played an instrumental role in the company’s emergence over the last decade, both as a catalyst for renewable energy in the Arab world and as an...
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Rund Awwad ‎

Rund is an energy expert and a water-environmental specialist who has been active ‎in the green sector since 2003. Rund earned her Master’s degree in Mechanical ‎Engineering/Renewable Energy from the University of Jordan. She stands out as ‎the first Master’s graduate in this specialty from a local University - with the highest ‎distinction (GPA 3.9). She holds a Bachelor’s degree in...
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Dr. Hassan Qasem
General manager
Alternative Energy Project Company (KIPCO group)

Dr. Hassan Qasem has been the general manager of the Alternative Energy Project Company (AEPC), a subsidiary of Kuwait Projects Company holding, since 2016. Dr. Qasem have been developing and managing solar related projects and research in the area of photovoltaic technology for the last 14 years. His experience varied from international standard testing for PV (UL and IEC) to outdoor character...
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Hilal Al Ghaithi
Project Manager – Renewable Energy
ARE, Authority for Electricity Regulation

Hilal Al Ghaithi joined the Authority of Electricity Regulation over a decade ago as a Regulatory Engineer. During his tenure, Al Ghaithi has led several successful renewable energy initiatives including the 2008 Renewable Energy Study. Currently, he has a lead responsibility for the Authority’s Renewable energy initiative “Sahim”. As a result of his extensive knowledge in engineering and th...
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Sherif Magdy El Gabaly
Managing Director and Founder
Enara Capital

Enara Capital is an infrastructure project development platform focused on renewables. Enara capital serves as the exclusive Investment management and project development partner of Chinese renowned Utility and Power conglomerates across the MEA region; notably Xinte Energy and TBEA Group with a pipeline of $1Billion of renewable projects under-development across Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kenya...
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Taher Diab
Senior Director - Strategy & Planning
Dubai Supreme Council of Energy
Secretary General - Emirates Energy Award

Mr. Diab is Senior Director of Strategy & Planning at Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and Secretary General of Emirates Energy Award. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of New Orleans (1989), graduate of Hazardous Waste Institute at University of Louisville (1992) and an IRCA Quality Lead Assessor certification. His career e...
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Mohamad Jameel Al Ramahi 
Chief Executive Officer, Masdar 

As Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi leads the strategic development of Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company (Masdar), today a leading global commercial enterprise in renewable energy and clean technologies. A company veteran, he has played an instrumental role in the company’s emergence over the last decade, both as a catalyst for renewable energy in the Arab world and as an...
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Senior Director - Strategy & Planning
Dubai Supreme Council of Energy

Mr. Diab is Senior Director of Strategy & Planning at Dubai Supreme Council of Energy and Secretary General of Emirates Energy Award. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering from the University of New Orleans (1989), graduate of Hazardous Waste Institute at University of Louisville (1992) and an IRCA Quality Lead Assessor certification. His career e...
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Eng. Mohammed Dabbas

He studied at the University of Manchester Institute for Science & Technology (UMIST-UK), where he received a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Technology in 1996,Post GraduateDiplomain 1993 & B.Scin Chemical Engineering fromthe Universityof Jordan in 1988.  He was appointed in May 14th2015 as the “Ministers Advisor for Energy Affairs” at the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources...
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Minister's Advisor
Energy Affairs at the Ministry of Energy

He studied at the University of Manchester Institute for Science & Technology (UMIST-UK), where he received a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Technology in 1996,PostGraduateDiplomain 1993 & B.Scin Chemical Engineering fromthe Universityof Jordan in 1988.  He was appointed in May 14th2015 as the “Ministers Advisor for Energy Affairs” at the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources ...
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Mr. Abhay Bhargava
Director, Industrial Practice
Frost & Sullivan

Abhay heads the Industrial practice in the MEA region for Frost & Sullivan, a global growth consulting company, assisting clients with ideating and strategizing growth. With over 15 years of global experience across the Energy, Power, ICT and Manufacturing industries, Abhay is a business expansion specialist, with proven global expertise predominantly across Middle East & India, ...
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