ADC Energy Systems LLC
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United Arab Emirates

ADC is a leading company in providing EPC (Engineer, Procure and Construct) solutions for Industrial and Commercial Cooling, Heating, Refrigeration and Energy Systems serving the Middle East and North African Region. With over 600,000 TR of awarded District Cooling capacity in the UAE, ADC continues to build on its strengths in providing turnkey solutions to its clients. Stable, prudent and with a sound reputation for quality, ADC’s process and quality management practices have helped it in excelling in the design, development, production,  installation, operation, maintenance, and after-sales service of District Energy Systems. ADC’s competitive advantages also lie in its local market knowledge, strong engineering background,  and the creation of strategic alliances, all of which are reasons for ADC’s success today. These advantages are helping ADC expand into new sectors and territories to deliver the most cost effective & efficient District Energy Systems in the region.