BASEC (British Approvals Service for Cables)
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BASEC, the British Approvals Service for Cables, is a leading provider of cable product certification, which is amongst the most rigorous in the industry. The certification product approval includes a comprehensive testing for electrical, mechanical, material, chemical, fire and smoke performance characteristics. Completing cable testing to ensure products are compliant with the relevant local, international, British or European standards. As industry experts in CPR (construction products regulation) testing BASEC has issued over 2,500 CPR classification reports, delivered through in-house laboratory equipment and working closely with manufacturers to raise cable product classifications for higher fire performance characteristics. The goal is to help the industry to understand and apply consistent levels of cable quality and to assess how the component materials will behave over time, with respect to all risk factors. BASEC also performs specific one-off and standalone fire testing on cable products, as required.

To support product certification, BASEC also provides integrated management systems assessments, including to the BASEC product certification requirements, quality management systems to ISO 9001, environmental management systems to ISO 14001, and Health & Safety management systems to IS0 45001. BASEC has recently launched schemes for Registered Stockists to gain quality approval of processes and procedures involved with sourcing products. As well as a scheme for Control Cables recognised in industry as YY, SY, CY products. To achieve consistency and meet the quality levels required in industry, BASEC is driving the supply chain to improve quality and safety of cables.

Low and medium voltage cable products are eligible for BASEC approvals for us in the Construction, Renewables, Utilities, Transport including Marine and Aerospace, Nuclear and Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

BASEC is a recognised sign of assurance, symbolic of independent cable testing and approval, supporting the worldwide cable industry. As an independent body, it has for over 45 years been a mark of reassurance to those specifying cable.