CMI Groupe
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Component Supplier, Component Agent or Distributor
Membership Type:
Corporate Members


CMI was founded in 1817 by John Cockerill, an industrial genius who established his business activities in Seraing (Belgium) and sparked off the remarkable economic future of Wallonia. 

For 50 years, CMI Energy, part of the CMI Group, has been a leader in the development of Heat Recovery Steam Generators behind gas turbines, mainly for combined cycle applications. 

CMI Solar, a business unit of CMI Energy, was created in 2011 based upon CMI’s long-lasting experience and know-how in the power industry and specializes in large scale CSP Tower power plants, offering the solar receiver and the steam generator.  CMI Solar is proud to have supplied the solar receiver of the 50 MW KHI Solar One tower in South Africa, the 110 MW molten salt solar receiver of the Atacama project in Chile and, in December 2017, the molten salt solar receiver of the Haixi Luneng project in China. 

Constantly looking for innovation and new challenges, CMI Solar is a reliable partner for any large scale tower project, offering cutting edge technology backed by experience and its dynamic Research & Development department.