Mentoring Program


The objective of the MESIA Mentoring Program is to offer selected mentees professional development and the chance to benefit from the experience and industry knowledge of a mentor, providing a fantastic opportunity to acquire an insight into the world of work and to get their career off to the best possible start.  The program will also assist solar professionals and mid-level managers who seek to further their careers within the renewable energy sector.


How the Program works

The programme is designed to be highly flexible so the mentee can achieve their own professional development goals. It is also intended that it does not become too onerous and can accommodate the mentors and mentees busy schedules.


At least four face-to-face meetings are recommended during the year between mentor and mentee, with more regular email or phone communication.  Some of our mentors will be based outside of the UAE so Skype will be a great tool to communicate where it’s not possible to meet in person.


Whilst the program is designed to be flexible, MESIA also provides suggested topics to help drive conversation. Topics include:


  • Creating a great first impression.
  • Building rapport.
  • Networking.
  • Learning the job.
  • Managing conflict.
  • Balancing work/life.

Mentor Criteria

Mentors should have a minimum of 5 years experience in their chosen field.  We are seeking applications from Senior Managers, Executives, Entrepreneurs and professionals with a background in solar and renewable energy.  Other industry experience would also be beneficial where there is relevance to the mentee’s careers goals.



  • Students
  • Post-graduates
  • Young energy professionals
  • Mid-level managers

How to Enrol

For more information on becoming a mentor or a mentee please contact Micheline Thienpont on