Mission and Objectives


The Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Its mission is to expand the use of solar power in the Middle East, to strengthen the local solar industry, and to facilitate business opportunities for its members.



MESIA aims to create a solar community in the Middle East and to provide networking opportunities for Middle East solar professionals through briefings and conferences, and actively participating in national and international tradeshows.


Through the production of research reports on solar technology, standards, and product certifications, MESIA intends to create awareness and advance education among various groups of stakeholders. We actively publish white-papers and research reports on topics related to solar technology and policy issues, in collaboration with local universities, other industry associations, education and research institutions, government, and with business related entities.


MESIA offers advice and input to policy-makers on policies, standards, and product certifications. The vision of MESIA is to become one of the key players the Middle East Governments turn to when investigating or assessing new solar ideas or initiatives in the Middle East, in order to get an opinion from the ‘industry’ sector. In a broader approach, MESIA is seen as a neutral but knowledgeable organisation representing the interests of solar energy in the Middle East.