Dr Saghar Khodabakhsh – Associate at White & Case LLP


About Dr Saghar Khodabakhsh – Associate at White & Case LLP

Saghar is an Associate at the White & Case’s Abu Dhabi office, where she has recently moved from the firm’s London office.


Saghar holds a PhD in Chemical Physics from Imperial College London. After completing her PhD, Saghar was elected as Fellow of Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge. At only 22, Saghar was the youngest fellow of Emmanuel College. She spent over 5 years developing a new class of materials using nanotechnology, which she used for the generation of novel Photovoltaics (PVs) with high efficiencies. During her time at the Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge, she worked alongside the pioneers of the field of solar technology based on thin-film polymers and metal oxides such as Prof. sir Richard Friend. She has presented her research at numerous major international conferences and authored a number of highly cited articles in high-impact scientific journals and books. During her academic career, Saghar led a number of high profile interdisciplinary collaborations with world leading universities and research centres across Europe, Americas and Japan.


Saghar has always had the vision of combining her technical knowledge and scientific experience with legal and commercial expertise to help further progress the development of the renewable energy sector. It was towards achieving this goal that she started to train as a lawyer whilst still actively leading her research group at Cambridge. She later joined White & Case LLP to train as a solicitor of England and Wales. During her time at White & Case, she has worked on a number of financings in the renewable energy sector.