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About Teegan Lindsay

Teegan Lindsay is the General Counsel ( Projects) at ACWA Power International ( ACWA Power), a  leading developer, investor, co-owner and operator of plants with a generation portfolio of 15,731MW of power and 2.37million m3/day of desalinated water with an investment value in excess of USD 23 billion.


ACWA Power is active in the renewables sector and has an ownership interest in the Karadzhalovo Solar Project, which is the largest Photovoltaic (PV) plant installed in Bulgaria, with a gross generation capacity of 60.4MW.


ACWA Power is also developing two major concentrated solar power (CSP) plants (i) one in the south of Morocco with a gross generation capacity of 160 MW with 3 hours of thermal energy storage. The design generation capacity will make it once completed the largest IPP CSP power plant in the world and (ii) the second  in the Northern Cape province of South Africa with a net generation capacity of 50 MW with 9 hours of thermal energy storage. Once completed it will be a CSP power plant with the longest amount of thermal storage in the world.