DEWA Tender for rooftop PV systems
21 Sep 2015


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800MW IPP advisory service tender by DEWA

Provision of Independent Power Producer (IPP) advisory services for an 800MW Solar Photovoltaic Power Plant.

800MW IPP advisory service tender by DEWA


DEWA Shams Dubai Solar Rooftop Program

Dear MESIA Members,


We are delighted to share with you some very exciting news.


DEWA has launched a solar rooftop program called: Shams Dubai. This program will allow consumers and business owners to install solar systems on their roof and feed electricity into the grid. The electricity that is fed into the grid will be used as a credit towards future consumption.


DEWA, as per it’s adherence and promotion of top quality standards, will apply a lot of rigor in the technical standards for these rooftop installations. Any solar equipment that will be used for these systems will first need to pass DEWA’s certification process to ensure that the highest international standards are met. MESIA is delighted to support DEWA with this vendor qualification process.


Manufacturers of PV modules, inverters and interface protection equipment are invited to submit their credentials to DEWA in order to be part of the Eligible Equipment list. Interested equipment providers can register their interest by filling the application form and submitting the supporting documents outlined in this link: DEWA Standards for Distributed Renewable Resources Generators.


MESIA is currently running technical workshops for solar industry companies interested in Shams Dubai. If you would like to learn more about when the next workshop is taking place and who should take part please email



Building owners interested in installing a grid connected PV system on their roof are invited to read this file.


For a general overview of DEWA’s Shams Dubai please click here.


If you have any further questions about how this works please email