MESIA is proud founding member of the Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance
21 Apr 2016

MESIA is proud to have been a founding member of the Global Clean Water Desalination Alliance. The overall objective of the Alliance is to stimulate a reduction of CO2 emissions from water desalination through committed actions and policies.

The Alliance is an inclusive multi-stakeholder platform that will stimulate actions to reduce CO2 emissions in water desalination.

The Alliance will formulate and implement its work program taking into consideration and coordinating closely with existing structures, programs and facilities sharing the common objective of promoting the development and deployment of CO2 emissions reducing solutions for water desalination.



The Alliance seeks to create an inclusive and neutral multi-stakeholder platform that brings together public, industrial, governmental and non-governmental actors that share a common vision of environmentally friendly water desalination with low or no CO2 emissions and are ready to commit publicly to contribute to or participate in the activities undertaken.


Scope of Activities

Members intend to formulate a work program to be implemented in the following four areas of activities:

1.    Platform for dialogue, co-operation and coordination

The Alliance plans to develop a dialogue within its constituency and coordinate the efforts in relevant areas, including, enabling frameworks for investment; financing and risk mitigation schemes; business models for clean energy powered water desalination; research, development and deployment roadmaps; and frameworks for technology demonstrations.

2.    Knowledge platform

The Knowledge Platform shall map the water demand and the potential for renewable energy sources to power desalination plants to meet the demand. The platform shall also collect and share information about proven and new desalination and renewable energy technologies enabling cost-effective implementation of renewable energy powered desalination plants.

3.    Promotion of enabling mechanisms to reduce CO2 emissions in desalination

The Alliance plans to work with Members to implement enabling mechanisms to support the development and deployment of solutions that can reduce CO2 emissions in water desalination. The activities will focus on areas such as:

·         Implement support mechanisms allowing a transition toward water desalination plants that emit less CO2;

·         Demonstration, scale-up and/or adaptation of successful technologies, business schemes, financing instruments, and risk mitigation instruments;

·         Formulation of national CO2 emission reduction policies, strategies and targets for water desalination;

·         Streamlining of processes for the financial and/or technical integration of clean energy and water desalination.

4.    Capacity building

The Alliance plans to facilitate the development of institutional and human capacities in policy, regulation, technology and finance to support the development and deployment of water desalination solutions with low or no CO2 emissions.

5.    Outreach and raising awareness

The Alliance plans to support outreach activities to raise awareness of the problem and possible solutions.

·         Organize and conduct joint advocacy events to engage the public and private sector;

·         Create and maintain a web-based portal for the sharing and dissemination of information;

·         Dissemination of communication materials such as newsletters.