Enviromena to install 1.34MW Solar Rooftop System in Dubai
03 Apr 2018

Abu Dhabi-based Enviromena Power Systems, one of the region’s leading clean energy companies, will install a 1.34 megawatt peak (MWp) rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) system to power the facility of Gulf Center for Soap & Chemical Industries (GCSCI) in Dubai. Enviromena will install 4,126 solar PV panels on the 400,000 square foot GCSCI facility located in the Jebel Ali Industrial area.


“The solar power sector has gained major momentum around the world, and the UAE is one of the region’s leaders in the industry. Given the UAE’s targets as well as internal sustainability goals of international companies, we are seeing a surge in interest in the commercial sector not just for clean energy, but better energy,” said Sami Khoreibi, chief executive of Enviromena. “And by offering more flexibility, including leasing terms, we aim to help the industry grow further.” The 20-year leasing agreement (PPA) between Enviromena and GCSCI was signed in March. Construction expected to be complete in the next few months with savings amounting to AED9 million over the contract’s duration while producing more than 90 percent of the facility’s power needs. “The decision to add solar power to our Dubai facility is the first of what we envision to be more across our other assets in Egypt and Saudi Arabia,” said Yousry Hemden, chief executive of GCSCI. “This also puts us as the forefront of remaining the preferred partner for our international clients who are looking to incorporate more sustainability measures throughout their value chain.”


GCSCI is a manufacturer to many regional and multinational companies with a manufacturing capacity of 36,000 metric tons per annum. This project will also help save 21,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, which roughly amounts to removing 220 cars from the roads each year.