Yellow Door Energy Successfully Commissions a 3.96 Megawatt Solar Park in Jordan
31 Oct 2018

Yellow Door Energy has successfully commissioned a 3.96 MWp solar wheeling project in Jordan, which will provide Specialty Hospital and Istiklal Mall with clean renewable energy.

The Wadi Al Aash (“WAA”) Solar Park opening ceremony was held earlier this week and was witnessed by His Excellency Yousef Al-Shawarbeh, Mayor of Amman and His Excellency Engineer Farouq Al Hiary, Chairman of Board of Commissioners, CEO of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC). Dignitaries from Specialty Hospital, Istiklal Mall, JEPCO, EDAMA, among others, were also present.

“Solar power is an integral part of Jordan’s National Energy Strategy as evidenced by our Vision 2025,” said HE Eng. Farouq Al Hiyari, Chairman of the Board of Commissioners and CEO of the Energy and Minerals Regulatory Commission (EMRC). “We congratulate Yellow Door Energy, Specialty Hospital and Istiklal Mall on the successful commissioning of your solar park and thank you for your contribution towards Vision 2025.”

As the solar lease provider, Yellow Door Energy invested in, designed, constructed, commissioned and will operate and maintain the solar park. Thanks to Jordan’s wheeling regulation, both Specialty Hospital and Istiklal Mall will benefit from clean power generated at the WAA Solar Park.

“Specialty Hospital operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By generating electricity from solar energy, we’re able to reduce our costs and demonstrate our sustainability leadership, all without compromising our commitment to top quality patient care,” said Dr. Fawzi Al-Hammouri, Chairman of the Private Hospitals Association and General Manager of the Specialty Hospital.

Spanning the size of 10 football fields, the WAA solar park will generate 8.6 gigawatt hours of clean energy in its first year of operation, enough to power over 2,000 homes for a year. The solar park will also reduce carbon emission by 6,400 tons annually, equivalent to removing 1,400 cars off the road.

“We would like to thank the Government of Jordan for its exceptional leadership and foresight in spearheading the solar wheeling program. This is market leading in the Middle East,” said Jeremy Crane, CEO and Co-Founder of Yellow Door Energy. “As well, we would like to express our sincere thanks to our customers, investors, contractors, suppliers and partners from the utility and municipality for their tireless efforts and continued support.  Our company Yellow Door Energy looks forward to operating and maintaining the solar park to provide Specialty Hospital and Istiklal Mall with clean and renewable energy for years to come.”

Watch the drone video here