Enviromena Secures Industry Standard Certification On Solar Operations And Maintenance
26 Aug 2019

Enviromena, the leading clean energy technology company, has just joined the elite club of the #Solar O&M Best Practices Mark, a label of excellence in solar O&M (operations and maintenance).

Enviromena, during the 10 years of providing O&M services, has made prolonged efforts to develop and establish processes. This effort is now being recognised by Solar Power Europe’s “Solar O&M Best Practices Mark” – a self-evaluation based label to promote transparency and excellence in the solar O&M market.

“This certification demonstrates that our processes meet the highest international standards for O&M providers,” said Enviromena Director of O&M, Vasileios Chatzimpaloglou. “We believe that, by delivering world-class, standardised, O&M services, we are contributing to the improvement of security for those investing in Solar in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.”

“These thorough and established best-practice processes allow us to quickly recognise operational requirements and opportunities for improvement. This is particularly important when taking on a PV Plant that has not been adequately maintained in the past – or had not been performing as expected.”

“I am proud that our talented team at Enviromena has passed the stringent requirements of the Solar O&M Best Practices Mark. This achievement is no easy task – check out the detailed requirements on www.solarmaintenancemark.com. It demonstrates our commitment to providing a world-class service to our clients. The MENA region is highly significant, and we are keen to increase – still further – our number of third party O&M contracts here. This latest recognition shows we can be trusted to do just that,” added Vasileios.

With one of the largest footprints of clean energy projects, Enviromena has installed more than 17,000 solar systems and has one of the largest portfolios of solar rooftops in the GCC and is one of the largest and most experienced O&M providers in the MENA region.

Today, Enviromena is at the forefront of technological advancements by adopting large-scale energy storage technology. These technologies will revolutionise the delivery of electricity worldwide – solving dispatch, intermittency and grid stability issues.