Communication on Shams Dubai
13 May 2020

DEWA praises the continuous effort of Dubai’s solar industry to support Shams Dubai, executing projects in line with DEWA’s technical requirements and the applicable Laws and DEWA regulations.

As per currently applicable Connection Conditions for Generators of Electricity from Solar Energy (DEWA DRRG Connection Conditions) published by DEWA on the basis of Executive Council Resolution number 46 of 2014 : – Ground mounted projects are no longer envisaged under Shams Dubai; – The maximum capacity to be installed in a plot is capped at 2,080 kW (lower limits can apply based on the customer’s total connected load in the plot, as per table in DEWA DRRG Connection Conditions).

No exceptions to these restrictions will be granted by DEWA for solar PV projects initiated by customers under Shams Dubai, and no other regulatory framework is envisaged to accept any application not complying with the abovementioned restrictions and other Shams Dubai applicable regulations.

Solar Contractor and Consultants are requested to make the above clear to customers and refrain from signing with them any contract for supporting or executing solar PV projects in Dubai not complying with abovementioned restrictions and other Shams Dubai applicable regulation.

Strict compliance with these instructions is required, and violations will be subject to administrative action inclusive of removal from the list of DEWA enrolled Electrical and Solar PV Consultants and Contractors. This is without prejudice to other legal action as per applicable laws.

The applicable legislation and regulation is available on DEWA website,