12 Jan 2021

Interview with Kehua Tech India CEO: Mrs Sunny XU


  1. What is your role and how would you describe your job?

I have many roles in my life, a daughter, a wife, a mother, an employee, a leader, a business developer and so on but my favorite role is an advocator of solar energy. I work as Global Sales Director of Renewable Energy at Kehua Tech and also CEO of Kehua Tech India.


I’m passionate about mobilizing the right talents to transform the nature’s greatest gift to clean and renewable wealth. My daily job is to identify and evaluate solar projects and cooperate with business partners to promote projects landing, to make sure the projects really benefit the people in need. Now I work in the industry for more than 10 years and I’m very proud for the delivering of multiple landmark solar projects in Asia, the accumulative capacity of which is above 2GW.


  1. How did you start your journey in the solar industry?

In 2009, I took part in a volunteer activity, which made me and photovoltaic an indissoluble bond. In a remote area of an Asian country, I experienced a life with extremely poor electricity. The poor power supply and high electricity price restricted the development of local economy and brought inconvenience to local residents. There, I heard the terms photovoltaic power station and photovoltaic power generation many times from the residents, and they were very grateful for a PV power station in the region. Although the power is still poor, this power station made the living there become more convenient, and also brought them the direction of follow-up power development.


With curiosity, I went to visit the power station, which is a small distributed ground power station. From my point of view, the power station is relatively simple and the efficiency is not particularly high, but even so, it still brings electricity, light and heat to the residents in remote areas. After that, I began to learn more about PV power generation. Later I was honored to join a professional new energy company – KEHUA TECH, and officially started my new energy journey. Now I am responsible for the global renewable energy business. As a leading energy provider in the world, KEHUA TECH is committed to providing comprehensive energy solutions and striving for the world’s energy reform. I hope to work together with people to promote clean energy reform and make the world a better and more environmentally friendly place for us all.


  1. What is your most memorable moment in Solar?

I remember a lot of moments and there is no “most”. Every moment counts. Work and life complement and promote each other. I often change roles and look at my work. I have been to many remote areas where Kehua’s renewable energy business is widely spread, and look at the role of photovoltaic power stations from the perspective of a bystander and an experiencer.


In those areas, when I heard the local residents laugh and mention to me that because of the high electricity price and unstable electricity, the lights in this area were scattered at night. Now that the power has been popularized to every household, when I feel the pride for the high-speed development and the joy for the improvement of living standards revealed in their words, I did not regret my career choice. I am proud of corporate vision of Kehua Tech and I’m proud of all practitioners of renewable energy.



Kehua Tech joined MESIA as a member in 2021. As the leading power solution provider in mainland China, KEHUA was founded in 1988. Based on the core technology of power electronics, KEHUA engages in three fields of power industry, including critical power, renewable energy and data center.

In the renewable energy field, KEHUA provides reliable products and solutions including On-grid System Solution, Off-grid Solution, Hybrid System, Energy Storage System, String Inverter, Central Inverter and the EV Charger System. With 32+ years of experience in power conversion, KEHUA’s products have been installed in 100+ countries and regions.

KEHUA is Global Top 500 Company in Renewable Energy Industry and the total solar system application is over 13GW. Based on IHS Markit report, KEHUA is the global top eight energy storage inverter supplier in 2019. CNESA report shows that in 2018, the newly installed capacity of energy storage inverter (electrochemical energy storage project) of KEHUA in China was the first.