Who’s Who Interview with Mr Robin Xiang Li at Jinko Solar
13 Apr 2021

What is your role and how would you describe your job? 

Currently, I’m General Manager of Middle East & North Africa region, which is a passionate and challenge job. Before I take over this role, I was General Manager of Global Technical Service and Product Management for about 10 years, during which I accumulated a lot of experience about JinkoSolar’s product and service. JinkoSolar dedicates to top PV product solutions, I wish I could provide these to more and more customers in MENA region.

How did you start your journey in the solar industry? 

Before I started my journey in the solar industry, I was in traditional electron industry(Seagate). Seeing the stagnation of electron industry, I entered the solar industry in 2009. Luckily, I joined JinkoSolar in 2011 and has been working here till now. I have experienced so many functions and roles in the solar industry, such as manufacturing operation, quality control, customer service, product management, sales operation & management. It can be said without exaggeration that I know almost all the value chain of the solar industry—polysilicon, wafer, cell, module, system design & simulation. I never feel any regrets about joining into the solar industry, which is where the dream begins.

What is your most memorable moment in Solar? 

There was an old BIPV production line in Japan, which has low production capability. However, the product itself is quite good. It can be used as replacement of traditional rooftop, since its water & heat resistance. After discussion within our management team, we decided to bring it back to China and upgraded a little bit. Because of the cheaper material cost and labor cost, the new production line took on a brand new look. The high yield and low cost made it become a short supply product in DG market. This success is one of my memorable moments in Solar.