ENERTIS Joins MESIA’s Family
25 Apr 2021

MESIA had the pleasure to have ENERTIS joining the association in Q1 of 2021. The global engineering and consultancy organization is currently active in the MENA region as well as world. In an interview with Gorka Oña, Head of EMEA, highlighting the company’s objectives and activities, Gorka reflected on the current and future plans for ENERTIS.


1. What makes ENERTIS unique when providing its consulting and engineering, renewable and storage solution, services?

We are a global engineering and consultancy firm and we provide services throughout the whole value chain. We create significant added value for our clients thanks to our specialisation in solar PV technology. Our firms strategy is to invest in R&D and innovation and, most importantly, our multi-skilled team and their incomparable energy and commitment are key differentiators. 

That being said, one of our unique characteristics is our solid expertise, as we have been involved in more than 2,500 projects (with a total capacity of 135GW) across 65+ countries and worked for clients of all kind. Such experience gives us a wide view of the state of the art of the technology that helps us to efficiently face new challenges and give feedback to our local teams to apply our global knowledge into specific projects.


2. Where are you active around the world?

We have three headquarters in Spain (Madrid), in the U.S. (San Francisco) and in Chile (Santiago de Chile). To support our presence and activity in 65+ countries all over the world, we also have offices in the UK, Australia, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, South Africa and China.


3. Tell me about ENERTIS’s projects in the MENA region

We started working in the MENA region around three years ago and our track-record reflects more than 30 projects totalling 5.5GW+. All projects are important for us, as they have helped us develop and strengthen our knowledge of the local market. However, two of them are particularly remarkable: Owner´s Engineering services in Oman and the detailed design preparation for a solar PV plant in Saudi, as they set two benchmarks for our establishment in the region.


4. What are some of ENERTIS’s major plans for the year ahead?

Our intention is to keep growing and provide services to a larger number of clients. In the short term, Saudi Arabia captures a big part of our attention, given the current volume of opportunities and the renewable energy promotion carried out by the Government. 

We obviously pay attention to and are active in the rest of the countries as well and we aim to continue providing services in countries such as UAE, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia. 

Thanks to our global expertise, we look forward to helping solar PV projects in the MENA region to be technically sound and ensure their operational performance. As part of our plan, it is a pleasure collaborating with MESIA, as we have found them to be very reliable and nice-to-work-with as a partner.


MESIA is looking forward to ENERTIS’s participation at its different events and future collaborations. Visit ENERTIS’s the website here.

Prepared by:

Dania Msuallam

Research and Content Manager