Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park Phase 3 Inauguration – Exclusive Interview with Romain Riche, EDF Renewables (Part 3)
28 Apr 2021

In Part 1 and Part 2 of the Mohammad Bin Rashid Solar Park Phase 3 Inauguration interviews, highlights the project’s major characteristics, innovations as well as COVID 19 impacts. A final interview with Romain Riche, Operations & Maintenance Manager at the MBR Solar Park Phase 3 was conducted to focus on the project’s characteristics in terms of implemented technologies and features of the plant.


1. With the implementation of solar trackers and robotics into the largest single solar site in the world, what benefits are generated from including those technologies?

Using the latest technologies from the market brings substantial benefits to the project.
By following the sun throughout the day, the single axis-trackers used are providing additional 25 to 30 % additional generation as compared to fixed horizontal modules and around 16% as compared to usual fixed structures. Furthermore, the use of semi-automatic dry-robotic systems to clean the PV Modules allows to reduce around 60 million liters of water per year.


2. What cleaning technologies are going to be used in the solar park?

Customized semi-automatic dry-robotic solutions are used for the whole plant. The robots are powered by Li-Ion batteries and moved directly on top of the unframed module’s surface with 4 wheels made out of rubber and designed to distribute the load properly to avoid any micro-cracking on the module. Directions will change automatically once it reached the end of the tracker row, thanks to the sensors mounted on each side. Furthermore, the cleaning is performed by two rotating brushes (mounted at the front and rear), wiping down the sand from the modules. To keep the robot on track, guiding rollers are installed at all four corners.


3. What is your emergency set up in case of climate disaster such as strong storm?

The plant is equipped with automatic systems that prevents any damages to the assets in case of high winds storm.
A total of 243 anemometers installed all over the plant are continuously recording the wind speeds. In case any wind gust is measured above a triggering value, a command is sent to the trackers systems to move into a safe position, reducing the wind loads on the modules and the structures.
Weather forecasting tools are as well providing forecasted values and alarms in order to prepare the plant in advance to safeguard the asset for a coming storm.

The MBR Solar Park phase 3 inaugurated in November 2020 and the total capacity of the plant is expected to be fully online by 2030 in line with UAE’s vision. Don’t miss Part 1 of the interview with DEWA and Part 2 with Masdar for details!


Prepared by

Dania Musallam

Research and Content Manager