Who’s Who Interview?
25 Sep 2021

Mr. Joey Chen

General Manager Business Development



What is your role and how would you describe your job? 

I’m the General Manager of Kehua Tech Overseas Division, in charge of global business development. I’m a curious and passionate man who enjoys connecting with people and exploring business opportunities. In 2020, I led an elite team and established an office in Dubai, which is a strategic movement of Kehua to expand its global presence. My team, every member of which is of 10+ years industry experience,  is working closely with owners, developers, EPCs and other stakeholders in Middle East to deliver top-class power conversion solutions. 


How did you start your journey in the solar industry? 

A decade ago, I was in charge of market development in the United States, leading projects on uninterruptible power supply products. In 2007, Kehua Tech stepped into renewable business and we started to supply solar and energy storage system to US clients, some of which are industry-leading companies. That’s the starting point of my career in solar. That’s also when I deeply understand how solar energy can benefit people’s lives and make the world better off. Carrying on the sense of mission and honor I established in US, here I am in Middle East, devoting myself to the career that enables more people to enjoy the clean, stable and sustainable energy.


What is your most memorable moment in Solar? 

The most memorable moment for me may be the successful delivery of Kehua’s first energy storage project in US. It is a remarkable project used for peak shaving and frequency modulation, with on/off grid switch time less than 30ms. After that I gradually realize how rapid and extensive the development of the industry is. Solar is now closely combined with energy storage, V2G, etc with continuous cost-down and technology iteration. PV+ESS is the topic that Kehua Tech has been promoting since 2018. From US to Middle East, I find the passion and determination towards PV+ESS is similar and I’m delighted to pass the experience I gained in US to the awesome realm of Middle East.