Spotlight on Ashish Saxena, General Manager at Eastman
14 Feb 2022
  • Please describe your role at Eastman and expertise in the sector?
    I am Ashish Saxena – At Eastman I am heading the Energy Storage team for Africa and Asia Pacific. I come with an experience of 12+ years in the Renewable Energy industry having exposure in renewable energy sectors like: Wind, Solar and Bio energy.
  • How did your story in solar begin and in your opinion, how much has it changed since then, if at all ?
    Eastman Auto and Power Ltd entered the solar energy storage segment in 2002 and since then, has made massive investments in building upon the Tubular lead acid, Tubular Lead carbon and Tubular Gel type of energy storage batteries. Since the late 2000’s Lithium based batteries have started to dominate the energy storage systems space but contrary to popular studies supporting domination of lithium ion batteries in the field of solar energy storage, conventional lead based batteries hold their fort in the solar off grid, micro grid and power back up segment due to their drastically lower upfront cost, and technical parameters that are tried and tested.
  • What is unique about the products provided by Eastman?
    Eastman’s range of conventional flooded and Gel type energy storage batteries are the result of years of investment in developing upon the existing lead acid batteries under guidance of world-renowned experts in the field of Energy Storage systems. Eastman’s product comes with a guarantee of higher cycle life, wide temperature tolerance and compatible with all types of solar inverters across major
    brands in the world.Some unique features of our tubular batteries are:
  1. Higher Available Capacity – upto 75% (max daily DOD allowed)
  2. Higher Efficiency – upto 85% ( as compared to 95% of lithium based batteries)
  3. Wide Temperature Tolerance – can be deployed in areas ranging from – 5 Deg C to + 48 Deg C.
  4. Low Upfront Cost – Tubular Lead Acid / Gel batteries are generally 1/6th the price of a comparable Lithium battery system (for solar use)  
  • What could you tell us about Eastman’s growth opportunities in the region?
    2021 saw unprecedented 1.9 GW of large-scale solar projects commissioned or confirmed and off grid systems are a major focus to increase access of energy. Several projects of 2MW and above, across northern Africa and sub saharan africa are having storage solutions installed. In the coming years, Africa and the Middle East Region are major markets of interest to Eastman.Eastman is targeting the integration of its energy storage systems in :
  1. Off Grid solar projects
  2. Micro Grid projects
  3. IPP’s (independent power producers)
  4. Solar Electrification projects 
  5. Renewable Green field solar power projects. 
  • What does MESIA’s collaboration mean to you and Eastman?
    – We aim to participate in webinars to be aware of the latest opportunities in the solar energy storage field in the MENA region.
    – Reach out to relevant project installers and project operators requiring solar energy storage systems.
    – Networking and participation in MENA events related to Energy Storage field.

Brief Bio:

Ashish Saxena
Experienced in business development and establishing dealership networks for a wide range of consumer products and industrial application products, across APAC and Africa region. Ashish Saxena is a part of the international business division at Eastman Group, leading the team for APAC & AFRICA regions, entrusted with new business development and establishing dealership networks in region for the entire product range of Eastman Group.


Prepared by:
Dania Musallam
Research and Content Manager