Jinkosolar signed one of the biggest Distribution agreement in Yemen for N-type modules
09 Mar 2022

Recently, JinkoSolar has entered an agreement with our main distributor in the Yemen market, Alnasr Solar, to supply 100MW of JinkoSolar’s high efficiency and performance solar modules during 2022. A very important part is that 50MW of the agreement will be delivered using JinkoSolar’s latest Tiger Neo modules. Higher working efficiency, lower temperature coefficient and degradation rate of Tiger Neo modules contribute to excellent performance and increasing power gain. JinkoSolar is confident in helping Yemeni make renewable transitions powered by our advanced technology and superior modules.

TOPCon based modules or N Type has been launched by Q4 2022 which will bring with it high promises to provide higher efficiency modules at 21.48% and 21.68% with 555 and 560Wp N Type modules compared with 20.90% and 21.10% with 540 and 545Wp P Type Modules. In addition, with N Type PV modules, the first year and year over year degradations have been remarkably enhanced with less than 1% of first year degradation and 0.4% of year over year compared with 2.5% and 0.55% with P Type PV modules, respectively.