Spotlight on Stephen Molden, Head of Operations at Sun in Motion
28 Mar 2022
  • Please describe your role at Sun in Motion and expertise in the sector?

My role at Sun in Motion LLC is very broad and pretty much lets me overlook all business activities within operations. Inc Design, procurement, financials O&M, HSE and Compliance.


  • How did your story in solar begin and your opinion, how much has it changed since then, if at all ?

It began with an apprenticeship as an electrotechnical Engineer for a Local MEP company back in Liverpool which was a 5 year work based learning program. During my time I took one of the earliest certifications in Solar and installed some small commercial and residential PV which gave me early knowledge and enabled me to take a position at British Gas Solar/Centrica Group as Junior PM overseeing one of the largest residential installation programs delivered and some of the countries first ground mount installations. The rest just fell into place and 11 years on I have been a part off more than a GW of Deployed Solar and now work with a fantastic team and management team that enable us to keep pushing the boundaries and expand. Solar has changed significantly, in 2010 when I delivered some of our first installations it was a dark art no one was aligned modules where 210w and the network operators had no understanding about embedded generation which caused many issues in trying to connect and push the technology. Now the world seems to have aligned and most governments, Manufacturers, EPCs, Financiers and utilities are heading in the same direction. It doesn’t feel like that all the time but we are in a far better place than we once where.


  • What is unique about the services provided by Sun in Motion?

Sun in Motion has a team that combined has more than 3GW+ of deployed solar experience in around 16 different countries with each member of staff having at least 5 years up to 12 years of solar knowledge which I believe puts us in a very strong position in the market. We are agile, responsive and are continually investing in our staff and R&D to ensure what we install is fit for purpose and supplies our customers with the Asset they require.

What could you tell us about Sun in Motion’s growth opportunities in the region? 

Sun In Motion LLC has gone from strength to strength and has managed to gain a respected reputation in the market working with some of the regions leading developers and partnering with some very established groups B2B in the region and will continue to do so in the future as these relationships remain positive.


  • What does MESIA’s collaboration mean to you and Sun in Motion?

It means a great deal to us. It enables us to collaborate with our colleagues in the industry, share knowledge, market ourselves to a network we may not have access to alone and enjoy the hard work we have put in during the year at the events. Those stories are for another time!

Short Biography:

Results driven Manager with 11 years in solar and over 1Gw of energy deployed. Joint Industry Board member with a successful track record of floating, Ground Mount and Rooftop installation in UK, Europe and the Middle East.

Prepared by
Dania Musallam
Research and Content Manager