Spotlight on Basar Kayali, General Manager of ALEC Energy
05 May 2022
  • Please describe your role at ALEC Energy and expertise in the sector?

I have recently been appointed as General Manager of ALEC Energy following several years of experience in the façade industry. It is an exciting phase in my career and as my passion for learning, and deep and constant engagement with my team is enabling me to quickly learn the ins and outs of the solar industry. My years of experience façades lends me invaluable expertise in Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) and Building Applied Photovoltaics (BAPV) applications – a knowledge base that perfectly aligns with the business objectives at ALEC Energy.

  • How did your story in solar begin and in your opinion, how much has it changed since then, if at all? 

As founder and managing director of Advanced Engineering Solutions (AES), a company focused on executing uniquely complex projects with premier clients in the GCC, my first foray to solar was the design and build of a solar cladded (BAPV) villa at Emirates Hills. Together with trusted local partners, AES designed, engineered, procured, manufactured, and installed the mechanical components which include the secondary frames, rails, and supporting system of the BAPV. The glass cladding, very well known to me and the team, posed many new challenges as cladding a building in glass is both technically and aesthetically very complex to execute. 

Although it is a relative recent trend, the shift from BAPV to BIPV is already noticed in the market, and ALEC Energy is setting its sights on offering unique solutions to clients who are focusing on the future of design by integrating smart facades.

  • What is unique about the services provided by your company? 

ALEC Energy is the only solar façade contractor in the region. This provides a fantastic opportunity to approach developers, owners, and even financiers with cost-saving energy-producing building “skins”.

  • What could you tell us about ALEC Energy’s growth opportunities in the region? 

While there is clearly growing interest in solar energy as governments, businesses, and consumers in the region look to employ more sustainable means of energy production, there have been obstacles that the solar industry has had to navigate over the past 3 years. Regulations, the temporary but unexpected rise in PV component prices due to supply chain pressures, and NOCs that aren’t getting released are key among these. 

That said, ALEC Energy continues to deliver highly efficient and state-of-the-art solar plants in the UAE. Building on our impeccable brand, we are further focusing on delivering hybrid- and off-grid systems and targeting developers for BIPV façade projects. We noticed that there needs to be a shift in the mindset of designers, engineers, and architects in the region, but by evangelizing the market, we are slowly making headway in that direction. This will bring growth not only to ALEC Energy’s offering but also to the solar market in general.

  • What does MESIA’s collaboration mean to you and ALEC Energy? 

As MESIA strives to create business opportunities and connect the solar industry, ALEC Energy partakes wholeheartedly in these efforts and in helping drive the success of this mission. Collaboration with MESIA to provide and receive support in strengthening the policies and practices of local and regional entities is key to a successful future, not only for ourselves, but for the benefit of the entire industry.


About ALEC Energy:

ALEC Energy (est. 2015) is a related business division of ALEC Engineering and Contracting L.L.C. and offers a complete turnkey solution for both rooftop and ground mounted solar PV plants. In a country where solar is the natural solution for clean power, ALEC Energy has established itself as a reliable provider that combines technical know-how and experience to deliver a cost-effective solution for its clients. ALEC Energy offers a complete spectrum of services from concept to commissioning and operations to maintenance across the UAE. For more information, please visit: