M.A.H.Y. KHOORY & CO. L.L.C along with SolarEdge is offering webinars and face to face meetings to train about the topology of using power optimizers
04 Jul 2022

SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technologies with 3.7 million SolarEdge PV systems have already been shipped across the world, in more than 133 countries SolarEdge has developed the power optimizers and changed the way power is harvested and managed in PV systems, along with its DC optimized inverter. SolarEdge’s power optimizers connected to each solar module, increase energy output from PV systems by constantly tracking the maximum power point of each module individually. This also allows to monitor the performance of each module, leading to reduced O&M. SolarEdge’s solution is at the forefront of PV safety, meeting the most advanced international standards, with a holistic safety approach that includes early fault detection and reaction from the connector to full system levels. Once AC is off or a string fault is detected, module-level shutdown automatically de-energizes system to safe levels to protect people and property. 
M.A.H.Y. KHOORY & CO. L.L.C as a distributor has recently received SolarEdge products which are now available for installers including 12 years standard warranty on inverters and 25 years warranty on power optimizers. Various installations have already been completed in Dubai by Pure Energy Construction and EPC contractors, including Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai Municipality, which can be presented to interested installers. M.A.H.Y. KHOORY & CO. L.L.C. has been distributing high quality products in the UAE and the Middle East since the 1930’s, including first class water pumps from Denmark based company Grundfos.

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