Graded S.p.A., with RIT Dubai, has won “Green Building Research” of the Year at the MENA Green Building Awards 2022
02 Nov 2022
Graded, in collaboration with the Rochester Institute of Technology in Dubai, was awarded the award as the best “Green Building Research” of the year at the “MENA Green Building Awards 2022” with a project on Geothermal which consists of an innovative system for cooling the environment. Professor Ghalib Kahwaji and associate professor Mohamed Samaha for RIT-Dubai and Giada Boudekji, branch manager of Graded S.p.A.-Dubai attended the awards ceremony, which was held Thursday 27 October.
This research project, which follows a similar experiment started in Campania in 2015 with Geogrid, will soon be placed on the market having given good results for daytime applications, both in residential and office environments. The new technology will make it possible to guarantee substantial energy and economic savings: in fact, it requires low maintenance costs and requires little space because it develops vertically in the ground.
Graded S.p.A. Dubai branch is a renewable energy company made in Italy, opened 3 years ago in order to expand the knowledge in the UAE market. Founded in Naples in 1958, it works in the public and private sector in industrial (clinics and schools), aerospace (for example: global service at the italian space station), residential and innovation. The core business is focusing on turnkey projects as well, where the company can propose multiple solutions.
Graded is also promoting innovation, mostly in partnership with the main universities. Actually in UAE, it is running an innovative geothermal project in collaboration with RIT university and with Sharjah University a specific type of hydrogen system, combined with a bifacial solar panel and a cool roof technology.