Sungrow Delivered the Rooftop Solar Project at International Convention Center Sharm El-Sheikh to Power Conference of the Parties (COP27)
18 Nov 2022

COP27, the world’s largest carbon-neutral event is in full swing and seeing the conclusion of several significant decisions that impact global climate change profoundly. Sungrow, the global leading inverter and energy storage supplier for renewables, also contributes its due share to these important occasions with the delivery of a rooftop solar project at the International Convention Center Sharm El-Sheikh, in which COP27 events are taking place. 

In cooperation with ACO (Arab consulting office), Solarize EGYPT and Amarenco group, the solar project at International Convention Center Sharm El-Sheikh is the flagship one to power COP27 events directly, which will produce around 1.6GWh of clean electricity and 1042 ton of CO2 per year. Together with other solar projects in Sharm El-Sheikh which are powering business, transport, and tourism facilities related to COP27, Sungrow is honoring its promise to help the Egyptian government turn in Sharm El-Sheikh into a green and smart city and advance its national sustainability goals. Since COP27 serves as a chance for Africa to voice its needs for inclusive and sustainable development, Sungrow also expands its footprint across the entire African continent. It achieves a total of 1.5GW shipments there, building a major driving force for the adoption of renewable energy, and tackling the negative impacts of climate change. For example, Sungrow supplied Egypt’s largest solar-plus-storage plant located at a mine site, a significant facilitator for the MENA region’s energy transition for minerals. It also delivered the Golomoti project, Malawi’s first-ever commercial solar-plus-storage park, a big step in satisfying the local people’s demand for electricity and a model to solve Africa’s electricity shortage issue with solar energy. Recently, Sungrow just secured Africa’s Largest Private IPP PV Project of SOLA Group which can generate 540 GWh of clean electricity per year, satisfying local demands for electricity greatly. 

Sustainable development has become a global consensus, and Sungrow’s endeavor to help the world achieve sustainable development goals (SDGs) is consistent and ever-growing. As of June 2022, Sungrow installed more than 269GW of inverter equipment worldwide, altogether generating 371.3 billion kWh of clean electricity and reducing carbon emissions by 297 million tons per year. Besides, Sungrow also joined RE100 and EP100 to reinforce its commitment to use 100% renewable energy across the whole value chain and improve energy productivity by 35% by 2028 and keeps combating global climate change and navigating its development in line with the UN SDGs.

Climate change matters to the planet’s future and each citizen’s daily life. Sungrow, being a major player in the global renewable energy industry, will provide more practical and innovative solutions including PV inverters, energy storage systems, NEV driving solutions, EV charging solutions, and renewable hydrogen production systems, etc. to help the international community scale up measures for energy transition and climate change mitigation, and honor its commitment of “Clean power for all”. 



The MESIA Alliance is composed of the Middle East Solar Industry Association, Pure Energy and Jinko Solar. The Alliance was formed to join the GSC, Global Solar Council, as a supporter of the Wind and Solar Pavilion at COP 27. MESIA is the only non-for profit solar association bringing together the whole solar sector across the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Pure Energy is a certified solar PV integrator and executing projects by applying PMI guidelines as well as Quality, Environment, Health & Safety Management Systems by IAS standards. Pure Energy is open to do contract with authorities, financiers, developers, other EPC System integrators, commercial & industrial factories, and homeowners. JinkoSolar (NYSE: JKS) is a global leader in the solar industry. The company distributes its solar products and sells its solutions and services to a diversified international utility, commercial and residential customer base in more than 80 countries worldwide