Enforcing “2030 VISION” LONGi Hi-MO7 unveiled in Saudi Arabia
31 Jul 2023

Dr. Li Mengyuan, Vice President of the Product Management Center from LONGi Green Energy, led a technical team to participate in the technical conference, Solar Quarter Business Meet 2023. Experts from ACWA Power, EDF, L&T, and more also attended the conference and joined the panel discussion.

At the conference, experts discussed the emerging trends in large-scale solar projects in Saudi Arabia, how the renewable energy program and layout would be impacted, as well as to support the smooth implementation of these super-large power stations, how the grids interconnection and large energy storage system should be programmed.

When talking about how LONGi’s modules with the latest technology can be combined with the latest tracking system and inverter system to lower the LCOE and reduce BOS of large-scale plants in the Middle East, Dr. Li said that Hi-MO 7 was based on HPDC cell technology, which is essentially another innovative practice of the “first principle thinking”.

The acronym HPDC stands for High Performance and Hybrid Passivated Dual-Junction Cell, which is another improved iteration of the HPC cell technology. The backside of the cell features high and low junctions, optimized film design, and advanced deposition techniques to achieve remarkable full-area passivation with minimal parasitic absorption. On the front side, the cell is applied with a local low-resistance contact layer that enhances cell efficiency. Additionally, both the front and back sides incorporate upgraded antireflection and low-recombination films, as well as metallization solutions, for superior performance. In general, the upgraded HPDC cell has better conversion efficiency, power temperature coefficient, and higher reliability, which can significantly improve power generation gains.

Dr. Li said that for the specific requirement under various application scenarios, especially which can help with the robust output of the module itself, the solar systems, and even entire solar PV power stations throughout the life cycle, LONGi will provide customized product solutions, focusing on long-term value to the clients and the solar market. She emphasized that Hi-MO 7 has been evaluated, developed, and tested for a long time. In addition to high efficiency, it has world-leading product quality and long-term reliability, which significantly reduces the LCOE of large-scale solar projects in the Gobi desert by improving the energy generation output throughout the whole life cycle. Hi-MO 7 has been already mass-produced and will come up with a capacity of 30 GW+ by the end of the year. It is an ultra-high-value modular product created by LONGi for large ground power stations around the world, ushering in the “Terawatt Era” again with integrated innovations. Hence it is a great innovation by LONGi, which is destined to enforce the “2030 VISION” of Saudi Arabia.

During the conference, LONGi was awarded “Best Solar Technology of the Year” for the outstanding achievement of technology and innovation by Solar Quarter Middle East, which shows the recognition of the industry for LONGi to create value through innovation.