Project of the Year Enerwhere

Enerwhere provides solar hybrid power solutions to commercial and industrial clients in the Middle East and Africa on a rental and PPA basis. Enerwhere has developed a new generation of solar power plant that is 15-20% less expensive than for conventional power. It is also modular, scalable and easily transportable. The system seamlessly integrates with diesel generators and batteries to provide reliable, power 24/7 and is available through short-term rentals and longer-term PPA contracts. Enerwhere’s landmark project was developed for Abu Dhabi’s Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) to provide reliable power for its 20,000-strong workforce at Saadiyat Accommodation Village (SAV). In June, Enerwhere integrated a 200 kWp solar solution and reduced diesel capacity to 4.4 MW, equivalent to a 20% solar share in the lower load winter months.