Eng. Lamya Youssef Abdel Hakim

Chairwoman of WICE (Women in Clean Energy) the Initiative from CEBC

(Clean Energy Business Council)

Winner of the Best Initiative of the year 2014 &Winner of Solar Award from Middle East Solar Industry Agency (MESIA)

Winner of the Africa Regulator of the year (2016) from Africa Leadership Magazine.

Graduated in Ain Shams University – Faculty of Engineering – Power Systems Dep.

MBA in Strategic Management 2013 from Cairo-Licensed Victoria School of Business

Worked as a project engineer for about 15 years in EEA (Egyptian Electricity Authority) – Now EEHC.

Worked since 2007 in private renewable energy projects in EETC.

Responsible for the following projects:

-BOO 250 MW Wind Project in Gulf of Suez.

-BOO 200MW PV Solar Projects in KomOmbo- Aswan.

-Egypt Feed In Tariff (FIT) Program with the target of achieving 2000 MW wind projects and 2300 MW PV projects.

-BOO 200MW Solar project in West of Nile Area.

-BOO 250MW Wind project in West of Nile Area.

-BOO 100MW CSP project in West of Nile Area.