Imtiaz Mahtab
UAE / Saudi Arabia

Imtiaz Mahtab is Executive Vice President of Air Liquide Middle East and North Africa Electronics, and executive member of its MENA management team. Imtiaz has over 17 years of senior leadership roles internationally in developing, managing as well as restructuring  businesses – in mainly Energy and High Technology  sectors.  He is also on the advisory board of various Renewable Energy and High Technology startups in the region.


Imtiaz has been actively involved over the last two years in the MENA region with the development of the Solar sector, and has been working very closely with various stakeholders (Regulators, Investors, OEMs, EPC, University, R&D..) in the region to forward the cause for Solar.


As an expatriate executive, he has lived and worked in various countries in America, Europe, Asia/Pacific & the Middle East.  Imtiaz is a graduate of Harvard Business School, and has a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin in the USA.  He is currently based out of Dubai.