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Consultancy,Project Management, Technical Advisory
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Corporate Members
United Arab Emirates
Applus+ is a leader in global renewable energy solutions and our multi-disciplinary teams of specialist in renewable energies services assist clients throughout asset’s life-cycle.
Feasibility assessment: Met mast set-up and monitoring; Wind and Solar resources assessments (Energy production studies); Geotechnical studies; Preliminary Feasibilities assessments; Policy and Regulatory guidance HSE (SALEM); and Conceptual Design (Pre-Studies: environmental, basic layout, grid connection point, basic project cost budgeting and planning)
Project design and development: Permitting Studies; Conceptual Design; EIA; Grid connection point; Power Quality; Contractual Support (Energy production studies); Request for Proposal and Terms of Reference definition and review; EPC and OMS contracts support, including technical specification and biding evaluation; Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) and Liquidated Damages consultancy; Policy and Regulatory guidance HSE (SALEM – Environmental Impact Assessment/ Health and Safety plan); and Grid connection studies, Basic and Detailed Engineering, Technical Due Diligence and Independent-Lender Engineering
Construction and commissioning: Owner Engineering Contract (full management level, site management level or technical staffing level); Quality Assurance/Quality Control services; Storage and Logistical Support; Mechanical, Electrical and Civil works construction supervision; Commissioning technical support; EHS services; Vendor Surveillance; and Technical Due Diligence
Operation and Maintenance:
Operations; Historical Operation Review (power, alarms, warning, trips, etc.); Plant Performance Ration assessment; Power Performance Analysis (statistical study or under EN 61400-12); Full Wind Turbines and Blade maintenance inspection; Mechanical inspection (gearbox videos-copy inspections, including oil analysis, general overview inspection, steel structures, welds, paint, corrosion); Predictive maintenance (Generator Isolation Dielectric Testing (TGW), transformers / cables / substations and including Relay Protection Systems and Thermography Inspections); Technical Due Diligences and ad-hoc technical maintenance inspections; and Technical Audits and Technical Forensics