Limelight Media Advertising DWC LLC
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LimeLight Media is a Dubai-based media production agency specializing in ground and aerial content creation — from photography to videography — across all MENA region. 

We also provide aerial industrial services, such as visual and thermal inspection, progress monitoring, surveying, data processing, and analytics, along with supporting the entire project lifecycle and making cutting-edge solutions for each industry.

LimeLight provides top-notch end-to-end drone solutions to a wide array of industries, such as power, energy, construction, utility, and more through thermal and visual inspections, construction and progress monitoring, surveying and mapping by using our advanced drone technology. We closely follow innovations and technology’s advancement to help our clients in any situation.

With extensive knowledge, practical experience, and successful track record of accomplishment, our main goal is to help organizations adapt drone technology to its full potential. Reach to us today!