Living Business Programme
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Association Partners

Living Business is a programme, sponsored by HSBC, for businesses who would like to develop their sustainability strategy and initiatives in 2021. 

It takes 5 minutes to register and is free to join. The programme provides:

  • Expert coaching to evolve your sustainability agenda and strategies
  • Help to identify opportunities for positive action
  • Access to a panel of industry experts who will work with you to get projects done
  • Participation in a graduation event to be held at Expo 2021 at the UK pavilion

Winners receive the opportunity to send a staff on an online sustainability course at Cambridge university.

If you would like to

  • Talk to an expert about how sustainability can benefit your business OR
  • Get a sustainability project off the ground and you want some help to nudge it along OR
  • Better case the sustainability strategies you already have planned

then register to join Living Business Programme 2021 now.