Ministry of Energy and Industry
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Strategic Partners

Ministry Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Sustainability and Security of Energy, Water, Natural Resources and Innovative Competitive Industries for a welfare and happiness of the community.

Our Mission

Organizing and developing energy, water, mining and industry sectors through setting and developing public policies, legislation, strategies and building partnerships in cooperation and coordination with concerned entities. Representing the interests of UAE locally, regionally and globally, and preparing studies and specialized researches according to the best practices.

Our Corporate Values

  • Social Responsibility
  • communication
  • Teamwork spirit
  • Excellence and Innovation
  • Initiative
  • Accuracy and Credibility

Ministry Strategy

  1. Achieving security and Sustainability of the Energy Sector, Water, Mining.
  2. Regulation of the Energy, Water, and Mining Sector and Buried Gases Emission to Support Economic Development.
  3. Sustainable Development and Integrated Management of Water Resources.
  4. Developing national industry according to the best international standards.
  5. Assurance of the provision of all administrative services in compliance with Quality, Efficiency and Transparency Standards.
  6. Entrenching and promoting a culture of innovation in the workplace and within our corporate strategy.