Phono Solar Technology Co.,Ltd
Company Type:
Component Manufacturer
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Partner Members

SUMEC/Phono Solar is a leading Tier 1 PV Module supplier, belongs to key-state owned
enterprise-SUMEC GROUP. Established in 1978, SUMEC GROUP is a key member of
the China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH) which ranks 224 th in Fortune
Global 500. With over 40 years of development, SUMEC has developed into an influential
enterprise covering diverse business areas, including Clean Energy, Power Tool, Power
Generating Equipment, Garments, Textiles, Ship building, EPC, Bulk Commodity Trade,
Investment& Financing etc.
SUMEC/Phono Solar was established in 2008, and it’s well recognized in the USA, Germany,
Netherlands, France, UK, Poland, Australia, Japan etc. Our main business areas consist of solar
cell/panel manufacturing, EPC service, supply chain management, solar plant O&M services etc.
To date, SUMEC/Phono Solar has a cumulative shipment of over 20 GW PV Modules. Encouraged
by carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, we are committed to bringing reliable and
innovative products/services to our customers worldwide.