Qudra Renewable Energy Solutions
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Consultancy,Project Management, Technical Advisory, Project Developer
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Corporate Members


Qudra renewable energy solutions is a joint venture between the National Aluminum and Profiles Company and the Bank of Palestine Group that specializes in financing, designing and operating solar photovoltaic (PV) assets with market leading quality and industry’s best practices in Palestine. Qudra’s assets feature its own certified brand of solar modules and certified aluminum mounting structures manufactured in NAPCO. The solar assets guarantee income from the produced energy under Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and customized asset lease agreements measured by the kilo-Watthour (kWh).

Target clients include the Palestinian government, Distribution Companies (Discos), local municipalities, agricultural cooperatives and Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers who are looking for a minimal risk investment in renewable electricity generators but have limited resources or background.

The company is adapting to global industry’s experience in solar assets planning, designing, installation, Quality Assurance (QA) and Operation and Maintenance (OM) by consulting a network of international experts, aiming to deliver solar assets with higher energy yields and significantly lower costs than what is currently being deployed in Palestine, through a growing components supply chain, and GW-scale experienced system integrators for the detailed designs.