Company Type:
Solar EPC, Integrator, Sub Contractor
Membership Type:
Corporate Members
United Arab Emirates

TEK Solar LLC was established in Dubai in 2016 from the successful experience done in Europe from the sister companies TEA Tek in Italy and TEK Energy in UK. Was founded to start the construction of the biggest solar plant in the world : Al Maktoum Solar Park. 

In less than 3 years, TEK Solar LLC has built Phase II (65 MW) + Phase III plot A (140 MW) and Phase III plot B (145 MW) and has under construction Phase III plot C (195MW). 

From Dubai, TEK Solar started to build solar plants in all the MENA area, in Central America and Europe, through owned local companies with the same brand. TEK Solar is leader, of the mechanical installation of large scale solar plants, in UAE with 350 MW installed and 195 MW under construction,  in Jordan with almost 185 MW installed and is one of the first companies in Egypt where is building almost 126 MW.

TEK Solar, at the moment, has under contruction: 150 MW in Panama, 26 MW in Egypt and 75 MW in Spain.