TuNur Ltd
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TuNur Ltd is an independent renewable energy, transmission and green hydrogen developer, at the epicentre of Europe and Africa.

TuNur has an ambitious portfolio of solar PV, solar CSP, transmission and green hydrogen projects under development with a target installed capacity of 12GW by 2030.

The TuNur team is based in Tunisia and consists of professionals with experience in the Tunisian and international energy markets. TuNur has deep local renewable energy experience having been present in the market from day one and has a successful tender track record.

TuNur’s head office and team is based in Tunis, Tunisia and has network of local teams and partners in Gabes, Kebili, Malta, Italy, France and the UK.

Tunisia is the central point in the Mediterranean and offers huge potential for renewable energy deployment for export of electricity, hydrogen and ammonia between Africa and Europe, forming the basis of TuNur’s strategy.

TuNur will also use its base in Tunisia for future expansion in the region (Algeria, Libya, West Africa and the Middle East), a proven strategy used by Tunisian based companies in other sectors.